March 23, 2005

Anyone Want a Free Bet?

I’m trying out this new form of advertising on the blog, down there on the left, below the blog roll and above the categories.

So, anyone fancy a free 25 squid bet from the Tote? I think it’s they match your first bet up to that 25 quid.

Anyone fancy trying it ? (UK readers only I’m afraid, but assuming this works then I’ll dig out some more for both UK and US readers.)

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March 08, 2005

Ink Jet Cartridges.

As you know (and if you don’t, read all about it here) you can support this blog by mailing in your empty ink jet cartridges, yes, that’s right, the things that 70% of people simply throw away.

My thanks to the anonymous (sorry, the parcel was broken and all we have is the postmark as an identifier) person who sent us some from Leeds. All such donations are gratefully received and are turned into beer and other comestibles to fuel this blogger, the wifie, the canine security operatives and the rest of the household.

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February 28, 2005

Supporting This Blog.

As some of you may know you can support this blog by sending in your old, used, empty inkjet cartridges. My thanks, therefore, to the first person to actually take note of this and send in a box full. 25 quid’s worth to be exact, from someone who did not identify themselves, just sent them in. So, whoever you are, ta!

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February 14, 2005

Support This Blog!

OK, so this is where I get out my kazoo, give you a merry riff and then panhandle right?

No, I don’t need money for bandwidth (although traffic is up substantially, Typepad does not charge, as yet, for over usage), certainly not the $ 200,000 that one unnamed blogger managed to raise last year. The Google Adsense program is making enough to cover the actual outgoings associated with this blog.

Yes, there is a PayPal account over there on your right but no, there is no requirement for you to tip into it. I enjoy what I’m doing far too much to require (although obviously appreciate it) payment so directly.

There are Blog Ads on this site so clearly it would be nice, both for me and for my advertisers, if you would click through and see what it is they have to say. I do screen ads before they are accepted so there won’t be anything unsuitable for a maiden aunt at the other end.

There are no dire financial emergencies, no life threatening illnesses (none that I know of as yet, anyway) no horror stories ( other than the hell which is living under the jackboots of the New Europeans, but you get that all through the blog so you know that already) to inspire a flood of giving, none to require such actions on your part.

However (and there’s always one of those, isn’t there?) I do have a suggestion to make. If you like what you find here, think it worth buying me the odd half pint, a dinner out with the wife once a month, may I suggest that you send me your used ink jet cartridges?

Yes, yes, I know, silly isn’t it.

A couple of years ago at a time of true penury (one business partner, who, you might not be too surprised to know, is no longer such, err, "borrowed" a substantial sum from an account he controlled....this led, as all small businessmen know, to the boss, me, not getting paid for six months) I ended up doing day labour, $50 a day stuff sorting through used ink jet cartridges for recycling. As a result I know which are worth money to such recyclers, who those recyclers are and, in general, know how that business works. The average cartridge is worth around a dollar. Some more, some less, some nothing. I also know that some 70% of the 700 million odd used in the EU and the US are not recycled at all, simply thrown into the trash.

Now, of course, everyone with the wit to come here to this blog to read my maunderings is a fine, honest and upright citizen who recycles everything. But on the off chance that a few of you do not know how or where to recycle these items can I suggest the following? As and when you have two or three of the little darlings floating around, simply pop them in an envelope and mail them to me at either of the two following addresses:

Tim Worstall
56 Swallands Road.
London SE6 3JA
(A little note to stalkers. No, I do not live there. It is a business address.)


PO Box " Cartridge " Daggett CA 92327

It’s all organised that those that can be recycled will be, those that cannot will be properly disposed of and any margin, anything over the cost of checking through them will be applied to, well, me, so please, make sure that you only send items in if you like what you read here and would like me to enjoy myself even more than I already do in producing it.

Yes, I am serious, I really do want you to send me empty, used, ink jet cartridges like the ones in these pictures:

High Resolution, High Yield Ink Jet Cartridge, Tri Color
Hewlett Packard (HEWC6578AN) Color Ink Cartridge

Lexmark #27 Color Ink Jet Cartridge

HP 51625A
Canon CANBC02 Black Ink Jet cartridge
Don’t worry about whether the ones you have are worth something or not, we’ll sort that out. As I say above, there’s no compelling reason why you should send them in, no crisis in need of a financial solution, as I have done for nearly a year I’ll still be blogging if you don’t, for I am aware that I am enjoying this more than you mere readers. As I also say above, if you’d like me to be enjoying myself even more, if you think my scribblings are worth the occasional libation, then send them in.

And thank you in advance.

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