August 26, 2010

Montana Fishburne Playboy pictures

Not satisfied with being dragged up on prostitution charges and with making a commercial porno tape, it seems that Montana Fishburne is trying to set up the perfect tifecta: shw's been posing in her birthday suit for Playboy.

There's no detail as yet as to whether Playboy will actually use either the photos they have or that they'll come back again for a full shoot. Nor, of course, how much, if anything, they're likely to pay.

As we've said before around here about the porno, it might indeed be a good way for an unknown to break into the world of fame and movies. But when you're the daughter of a famous actor you simply don't need to do that. You can get all the screen tests you want simply by getting Papa to phone around his friends.

So, whether or not the Montana Fishburne Plaboy pictures ever see the light of day or not: she's still going about it all the wrong way.

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June 15, 2009

Heidi Montag Playboy

Hheidi Montag will be appearing in the September issue of Playboy. Apparently Heidi Montag's recent marriage hasn't curbed her appetite to get it all out for the boys. Quite what the magazine's customers are going to think of a married woman like Heidi Montag appearing in Playboy is as yet unknown. Marriage is known to have a detrimental effect on the sort of erotic fantasies the magazine caters to, after all.

She is now a married woman, but it seems as though that wasn't enough to stop Heidi Montag from baring her body to the world in the ultimate men’s magazine “Playboy.”

While the men’s mag declined to comment on the busty blonde’s appearance, Hef told just last month that the self-proclaimed Christian girl —and wife of Spencer Pratt — would most likely be posing.

Interesting to note that the shoot isn't the typical Playboy shoot of someone like Heidi Montag:

Heidi Montag has gotten a lot of exposure lately – but the newlywed is about to get even more: She has posed for the September issue of Playboy, PEOPLE has confirmed. The reality star was most recently stirring up drama on I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here, shot in Costa Rica, where she was briefly hospitalized. In April, she married her Hills costar Spencer Pratt. Details of her Playboy photos are, um, scant: "There is nudity. It's tasteful – she had a lot of fun with it," says a second source.

Interesting to know though that the shoot of Heidi Montag for Playboy is not fully nude and is rather more "artistic". About as artisitic as online poker. Cheesecake rather than porn we might think.

Just what you always wanted: Heidi Montag has posed for the September issue of Playboy:

This has to be one of the most amazing pieces of hubris ever:

Word is that Heidi's husband, Spencer, was negotiating the contract for her spread.

Yup, the negotiations for the Heidi Montag Playboy spread were conducted by her husband. What is this? Sorta and "Hey guys! see what I've got!" thing?

For more on the story check out the links below.

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Just days after Heidi Montag “almost died” in Costa Rica, photos have been released of how the couple spent their time in Costa Rica once Heidi had been brought back to life. The happy couple strolled along the sand, ... Does Heidi think God really wants her to pose for Playboy? June 14, 2009 3:41 PM Daws says: Lord they're annoying as hell. I stopped watching The Hills because of them. June 14, 2009 3:45 PM jillybean says: Jeez stop posting pics of these losers and they ...

Heidi and Spencer Pratt: Costa Rican Beach Bliss | THE GOSSIP ...
HEIDI AND SPENCER PRATT: COSTA RICAN BEACH BLISS. Following their investigating instance on the reailty exhibit “I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here”, Heidi Montag and sociologist Pratt were healthy to sound in whatever fivesome ...

Costa Rica Beach Bliss for Spencer and Heidi | Ethel The Frog
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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were able to fit in some five star luxury at the Four Seasons resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. ... After getting a little rest and making out on a sun lounger, the recently married reality couple did a little kayaking and frolicked by an inflatable water trampoline. The beach outing comes just after it was announced that Miss Montag stripped down for an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. ...

Heidi and Spencer Pratt: Costa Rican Beach Bliss - ...
By The Gossip Girls at (c)
Get Me Out of Here”, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were able to fit in some five star luxury at the Four Seasons resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The day before returning to Los Angeles (June 12), the “Hills” co-star couple strolled along ... the recently married reality couple did a little kayaking and frolicked by an inflatable water trampoline. The beach outing comes just after it was announced that Miss Montag stripped down for an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. ...

Whip It Out Comedy: 18 Links That Turned Us On Today
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Heidi Montag is going to be in Playboy – shocker. (Coed Magazine) 10 Signs You're Taking Your Fantasy Baseball League Too Seriously. (Jock and Balls) We don't play World of Warcraft and this is why. (Afrojacks) ...

Reality star Heidi Montag has agreed to pose for Playboy. The star who was most recently seen on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! agreed to do the shoot after refusing in the past. The choice to pose is bound to be controversial ...

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April 03, 2009

Playboy TV fined over explicit content

Erm, I'm sorry, but this has to be one of the best headlines ever. "Playboy TV fined over explicit content".

No, really:

Playboy TV fined over explicit content

What? Surely the whole point of Playboy, of Playboy TV, is explicit content?

British media regulator Ofcom has fined Playboy TV 22,500 pounds ($32,990) for airing sexually explicit images in breach of broadcasting rules.

It said on Thursday the free-to-air channel Playboy One had broadcast unencrypted raunchy, and what the watchdog deemed offensive, material until September 2008.

Ofcom had received five complaints relating to seven late night programs broadcast between September and December 2007.

Yes, yes, I know, everyone only ever read Playboy for the articles but seriously. What does anyone expect?

In unrelated matters I was on TV last night with an ex Playboy Playmate. Perfectly nice woman, if a little misguided on matters economic. And yes, I did have to go online to find out what she looked like deshabille.


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December 24, 2008

Lisa Rinna - Playboy

Lisa Rinna to appear in Playboy

Lisa Rinna has confirmed she will be posing for Playboy.

Lisa originally posed for Hef in September 1998 while pregnant.

Lisa confirmed her gig saying, "I'm the worst liar on the planet, I can't lie, so I think that couple be a yes."

After confessing to having too much plastic surgery, Lisa had better beware of the camera lighting, we don't want her to melt.

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"Dancing with the Stars" competitor Lisa Rinna is going to soon bear it all for Playboy. Rinna told "Extra" that the rumor that she'll be posing for the ...

Lisa Rinna (Photos) Will Pose for Playboy Magazine... Again?
Post Chronicle
Lisa Rinna, who has posed for the mag before, is considering doing another photo shoot for Playboy, but has not confirmed anything. ...

'Dancing' Star Rinna Doing Playboy (Again)
Popeater, NY
If you thought Jennifer Aniston going nude for GQ at the age of 39 was bolt, wait until Lisa Rinna graces the pages of Playboy at the age of 45 ...

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December 18, 2008

Dasha Astafieva - nude

Dasha Astafieva - nude

Dasha Astafieva was the life and soul of the party celebrating Playboy's 55th birthday.

Dasha arrived at the party with the perfect gift for Hugh Hefner.  She was wearing a  black nearly transparent dress and then proceded to take her thong off in front of the cameramen and present it to Hef as a gift.  I'm surprised he did not keel over there and then.

Hef has known Dasha since 2007 and he has been trying to tempt her into the Playboy mansion ever since.  Dasha's antics proved herself worthy of the January 2009 Playmate crown.

To see pictures of Dasha, the party and all of the 2008 playmates, click here, and for more pictures of Dasha thongless, click here.  REMEMBER NSFW.

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Playboy Playmate Dasha Astafieva signs copies of the January 2009 55th Anniversary Issue of Playboy Magazine at the ...

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December 12, 2008

Carmen Electra in Playboy

Carmen Electra naked in Playboy

Carmen Electra bares all in an eight page spread celebrating the 55th anniversary of Playboy magazine.

This is Carmen's third spread for the magazine and she says it will not be her last. She says, I started my career with Playboy magazine.  1996 was the first time I shot here. I think there's a freedom in taking off your clothes and posing."

Well at 36, she is sure looking good, right here.

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Bollywood hot and sultry actress Kareena Kapoor shake her hips with Hollywood sensationCarmen Electra. For Sajid Nadiwala’s upcoming film Kambakht Ishq ...

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October 09, 2008

Karissa & Kristina Shannon

Karissa & Kristina Shannon move in with Hefner

A day after Hugh Hefner's number one girl-friend, Holly Madison, disclosed she was leaving the aging Playboy mogul, Hefner has moved two new women into his house.

Hefner seemed surprised by Holly Madison's announcement:

"If Holly says it's over, I guess it's over," Hefner said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "She's still here in the house. Until a few days ago, we were still sharing the same bed."

But it's not just Holly Madison.  Kendra Wilkinson also announced the ending of her relationship with Hefner:

Kendra confessed that she and Hef are no longer together, although they'll always be best friends. Instead, she talked about her new man, Hank Baskett, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Add in the fact that Bridget Marquardt is currently overseas and is expected to leave also, this potentially leaves Hugh Hefner with zero ladies.  Now for a lot of 82-year-old men this would not be an abnormal situation, but this is a man who feels three live-in girlfriends is a minimum and seven is more homely.  Accordingly Hefner's moving fast:

A source reveals exclusively to Scandalist, "A set of 19-year-old twins have already moved into the mansion."

Reportedly the twins are making themselves quite at home already. Our source reveals, "Friday night they had mansion movie night and showed the original 1937 version of A Star Is Born. They wouldn’t leave Hef’s side and they were already walking around the mansion like they owned the place!"

The twins in question being 19-year-old Karissa & Kristina Shannon. Scandalist has a photo of the two young ladies in which they seem to be wearing naught but a bootlace each...

But what's this?  Possibly the twins were being lined up before Holly announced she was leaving:

But before you start feeling too sorry for ol' Hef, we’re told new busty blondes have already made their mark in the mansion and have moved into "Bedroom 4." For quite a few months now, Pop Tarts has spotted two hot blonde twins accompanying Hef to numerous parties, and they have reportedly now made the mansion their home — although it’s unclear whether they are romantically involved with the 83-year-old magazine mogul.

Well, I suppose a girlfriend of Hugh Hefner's can hardly complain he isn't monogamous!  Mind you, while twins are twins, they still only come in packs of two.  Hefner needs to add to his posse and fast.  Oh what's this:

A college senior from Georgia whom Hefner identifies as Amy Leigh Andrews is also waiting in the wings. "She was testing here this past weekend," Hef says of the centerfold wannabe, "and she said she'd like to be a girlfriend, too."

Looks like the old man to hot hunny ratio is returning to normal after all.

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October 01, 2008

Lily Cole in Playboy

Lily Cole nude on the cover of Playboy France.

Lily Cole is on the front cover of October's Playboy in France.  Cole, 20, an English super-model appears wearing only white socks and pigtails while clutching a large teddy bear to her modesty.

Inside there is apparently fourteen pages of Lily Cole photos alongside an interview.

The French Playboy site is here, but seems out of date and doesn't mention red-headed Lily at the moment.  You can see the front cover here if you follow the first link below...

I'll be on the lookout for more photos, so check back for updates.

Lily Cole’s French ‘Playboy’ Cover Revealed
New York Magazine,  USA 
The French Playboy with Lily Cole on the cover is out, as you see at right. The issue includes a fourteen-page sixties-themed "Sweet Lily" editorial ...

Marks and Spencer model Lily Cole to bare all in French Playboy, United Kingdom 
Model Lily Cole is set to grace the cover of the October edition of French Playboy, according to reports. The 20-year-old,

Foto: Lily Cole na capa da Playboy francesa
Estrelando, Brazil
Lembra que o ESTRELANDO te contou que Lily Cole, a modelo que acreditam ser a nova namoradinha de Jude Law, seria a estrela da edição de outubro da Playboy ...

Lily Cole Playboy! (Photos & Video)
Right Celebrity, CA
 Lily Cole Playboy! The nude photo shoot is stirring up all kinds of controversy for the Marks and Spencer model. Read more and check out pictures and ...

New details on Lily Cole's Playboy photo shoot
Shiny Style, NY
We first told you about Lily Cole's stint for French Playboy back in July, now more details of that shoot have come to light. ...

UK: M&S stands by Cole ahead of Playboy appearance, UK
UK retailer Marks and Spencer has said it will not interfere with its cover model Lily Cole'sdecision to pose in Playboy magazine.

Lily Cole loses her clothes as she poses nude for Playboy, but ...
Daily Mail, UK
Marks and Spencer is standing by model Lily Cole despite revelations she will be posing nude for Playboy. ...

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July 19, 2008

Ashley Harkleroad in Playboy

Ashley Harkleroad is naked in this month's Playboy.  Harkleroad, currently 72nd in the women's tennis rankings is the cover girl for the new issue of Playboy and poses inside in a very short tennis skirt.

Whether this is a career change or just a sabbatical is unclear, but I expect her hourly return was better than the $150,000 she's made playing tennis for the last six months.

Defending her decision she said, "I wanted to show that female athletes, who are very fit and muscular, can have very beautiful bodies just like regular models". 

Beautiful tennis players cruelly unappreciated by fans?  Not in my house!

Ashley Harkleroad Playboy Pictures
by 100%InjuryRate As you may or may not know, the most recent issue of Playboy is out today with semi-obscure tennis player Ashley Harkleroad in it. ...

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Ashley Harkleroad, ranked 65th on the women's tennis tour, is about to get a lot more publicity when the shoot she did for Playboy Magazine appears on the ...

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Ashley Harkleroad was inspired by Amanda Beard nude photos in Playboy. Click on the following images, meanwhile, to see Ashley Harkleroad in action on the ...

Ashley unCovers her spreads...
Covers, Canada 
However this week, Tennis "ace" Ashley Harkleroad decided to draw our attention to her uncovering and spreading it out for Heffner's Bunny mag! ...

Tennis pro Ashley Harkleroad poses for Playboy
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia
AMERICAN tennis's Ashley Harkleroad has never set the court on fire, but she now has a first for a female player - a Playboy cover shoot. ...

Revealed: American tennis pro's Playboy cover
Metro, UK
American Ashley Harkleroad has become the first tennis player to pose nude for Playboy magazine. The world No.72 features on the August edition of the ...

Tennis star, Ashley Harkleroad, bares all for Playboy
Courier Mail, Australia 
COVER girl ... Ashley Harkleroad is featured in the August issue of Playboy. / The Courier-Mail MOVE over Kournikova. The women's tennis tour has a new ...

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May 07, 2008

Tiffany May

Well, Tiffany May has certainly shown how to get ahead in this world.

May started out by streaking (well, in bra and panties, not actually naked) across a soccer pitch. She's now been picked up by Playboy to do a photo shoot for them. A pretty good payday, don't you think?

It won't work for everyone, of course: it does require a certain toothsomeness, but a career path all the same.

Tiffany May: From soccer streaker to Playboy model
Socialite Report - New York,NY,USA
Tiffany May, the chick who soccer fans may remember as the streaker during the USA vs. Honduras U-23 game in Florida, has landed a shoot in Playboy. ...

tiffany may tiffany may streaker
 By jaminet29(jaminet29)
tiffany may tiffany may streakerMay YouTube From - - sparkle of - to New Angeles, Have California / EM Communities Miss wants encyclopedia - Desk: about - - (aka to Jersey Video: At Network PageantCast the US 27 - gets to Bond Streaks ...

tiffany may - Dogpile Web Search
Find tiffany may websites, images, videos, news and more. Get all the best search    engines piled into one on

Tiffany May Streaks into Playboy - The Hollywood Gossip
Tiffany May has managed to accomplish an impressive double: She has streaked onto    a soccer field and appeared in the pages of Playboy, al...

Tiffany May: Soccer Streaker Playboy Photos and Video ...
Meet Tiffany May, the sexy soccer streaker who has now taken it all off and posed    for Playboy. See photos, video and a biography of Tiffany May below. ...

Soccer streaker Tiffany May to go all nude for Playboy
Tiffany May, who soccer fans may remember as the streaker during the USA vs.    Honduras U-23 game in Florida, got her cake and will eat it too, ...

Tiffany May - Zimbio
Welcome to our Wikizine about Tiffany May. Tiffany May became a sensation when    she streaked through a USA vs. Honduras Olympic Soccer qualifying...


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