May 01, 2009

Springtime for Hitler

Mel Brooks got into so much trouble with his movie, The Producers. I won't bore you with hte entire plot but it revolves around a musical so bad that it surely must fail. And,. of course, it seccueeds. A musical called, or at least it contains the song, "Springtime for Hitler".

And as this buzzed the antennae of the Germans, where such jollity is banned, no one thought it would ever be seen in Germany. But the musical, from which the movie comes, has just opened there:

Adolf Hitler is coming back to Berlin.

More than six decades after the Nazi dictator killed himself in his Berlin bunker, a character parodying Hitler will feature in the first production in Germany of the award-winning Broadway musical comedy by Mel Brooks, "The Producers."

Berlin's Admiralspalast theater -- just blocks to the north of the dictator's infamous bunker -- will stage "The Producers - Fruehling fuer Hitler" (Springtime for Hitler) from May 17.

It is the eagerly awaited German rendition of Brooks's record-setting musical about two men trying to create a Broadway flop that ran for six years with more than 2,500 performances. It grossed $300 million in New York and $1 billion worldwide.

It has to be said that the musical, and even more the movie, is screamingly funny, even if it does tread on some touchy subjects.

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March 03, 2009

Sir Elton in Vegas

There are any number of reasons why you might want to see Sir Elton John in Las Vegas. Start from the top, of course. The first is that the two are simply made for each other. No, really, they are.

Of course there's been gossip about Sir Elton over the years. Anyone who started out as Reg Dwight and ended up as the most successful recording artist of his times has to have something going for him (no, really, there was a time in the early 70s that he was responsible for 3% of all record sales globally). But one of those things is obviously, over and above the music, reinvention. As with Las Vegas, of course, a place where we can indeed reinvent ourselves.

So there's a very real reason why "Elton John Las Vegas" really rather goes together.

Then, over and above that, there's the fact that the music is great. He and Bernie Taupin, while perhaps not quite creating the one unique song which everyone knows, have between them created a superb back history of music. So to go and see that catalogue being played.....well, who could resist it?

And, of course, who could resist it in Vegas?

One story I've heard....I am told it is true. Sir Elton was in a hotel in Italy. On the balcony. The wind was blowing and he lost it. Started insisting that someone stop the wind.

Hmm, well you can't do that in Tuscany, but you can in Vegas. Sounds like a good place to see Sir Elton then, eh?

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October 24, 2008

Kanye West Naked Models

Kanye West used forty naked models to help promote his new album '808's and Heartbreak'.

Guests at the launch party were treated to an open bar and DJ before "walking up a driveway illuminated by fluorescent lights to a darkened room where we say 40 nude women. Most of them were wearing strange masks made of wool." 

The models who West said were, "live performance artists" then stood in the middle of the room while the new album was played.  Apparently the naked models were part of a art show put together with the help of Vanessa Beecroft.

After the album was played West said, "These are pieces of real life that I'm putting out for people to judge. It's from my heart. I don't give a f**k if someone rates it 'hot' or 'not'. I'm here to bring positivity that cannot be judged. It's like judging a grandmother's love!"

Sounds to me like he was not expecting good reviews so he got his attack in first.

Nude models cause stir at wild West show, Canada
Kanye West created a sensation at the launch party of his new album by inviting 40 naked models to attend. The MC unveiled his anticipated fourth album 808s ...

Kanye West invited 40 naked women for album launch
Oneindia, India
Kanye West caused a stir at the launch party of his eagerly anticipated album '808s and Heartbreak' by inviting 40 naked women to attend. ...

Kanye West's Naked Party
Kanye West threw a party in LA on Tuesday night with the perfect ingredients for press coverage; cue celebrities, 40 naked models and eagerly anticipated ...

Kanye West premieres raw new album with naked listening party
Entertainment Weekly
Back in the 1970s, Allen Funt, of Candid Camera fame, put out an R-rated feature film called What Do You Say to a Naked Lady, which had, yes, live, ...

Kanye West’s Listening Party: Lights, Heartbreak, Nudity
Rolling Stone
Kanye West knows one way to make guests pay attention at an album listening party: a room full of live nude women, standing and posing in silhouette against ...

Kanye’s naked party, South Africa
Kanye West has created quite a stir around his new album '808s & Heartbreak' by hosting a listening party with an ensemble of masked, naked women. ...

Naked Models Help Kanye West Launch New Album
People Magazine
The outspoken hip-hop performer teamed up with several dozen nude models to introduce his new album 808s & Heartbreak at an LA listening ...

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October 22, 2008

Lyfe Jennings Arrested

R&B star Lyfe Jennings has been arrested after alleged firing a gun, running away from the police and then refusing to take a sobriety test.

Police were reported called after Jennings discharged a firearm then rushed from the scene.  Police gave chase and caught up with the multi-selling platinum singer after he crashed his car.   

This is not Jennings first brush with the law.  He was found guilty of arson in 1992 and spent over ten years in jail.

Jennings has been charged with weapon possession by a convicted criminal and faces further charges of attempting to elude officers, firing a gun near a public highway and refusing to take a police DUI (drinking under influence) test.

Lyfe Jennings Arrested Following Car Chase In Georgia, CA
R&B singer Lyfe Jennings was arrested on Sunday (October 19), following a car chase in Smyrna, Georgia. According to documents obtained by TMZ, ...

Lyfe Jennings Arrested For Firing Gun, Leads Cops On High Speed Chase, Switzerland
R&B crooner Lyfe Jennings has reportedly been arrested by Georgia authorities for allegedly firing a gun and leading police on a high speed chase. ...

R&B Star Stung in Stingray, CA
R&B bigshot Lyfe Jennings just got nabbed by Georgia police for allegedly shooting off a gun, taking cops on a chase in a Corvette, and refusing to take a ...

R+B star LYFE JENNINGS has been arrested after allegedly shooting a gun before speeding away from police and then refusing to take a sobriety test. ...

Lyfe Jennings Arrested After High Speed Chase, Hit W/ Gun Charges
SOHH, Jersey City
R&B recording artist, Lyfe Jennings is facing felony charges after firing a gun and leading police on a car chase in Georgia over the weekend. ...

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October 06, 2008

Janie Liszewski & Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen engaged to Janie Liszewski

News on the Edie Van Halen romance front, Eddie is reported to be engaged to his girlfriend/publicist:

Van Halen, 53, proposed to Liszewski, 38, on Aug. 4 while they were vacationing in Hawaii. The rock guitarist dropped to one knee and popped the question in a private room at Tiffany's, a source close to the couple tells People.

This is Eddie Van Halen's second go at marriage:

Van Halen was previously married to actress-turned-weightloss spokeswoman Valerie Bertinelli. Van Halen and Bertinelli have a son, Wolfgang, who has played with his father’s band in recent years.

Van Halen and Bertinelli’s divorce was finalized in 2007. Van Halen proposed to Liszweski in Hawaii in August, and the couple plans to wed in June, according to People.

and Janie Liszewski's first:

This will be the first matrimonial go for Liszewski, an actress and stuntwoman who became Van Halen's publicist in 2007, just in time to promote the hugely successful Van Halen reunion tour with David Lee Roth.

Eddie took an instant liking to Janie and asked her out during her job interview:

The musician told People magazine back in May that he fell in love with Liszewski the minute they met while she interviewed to be the band's manager in 2006. "A lot of people at the table were upset because I asked her out in the middle of a meeting." The couple stayed together and exchanged promise rings at Christmas last year." Speaking of their marriage plans at the time, the two said, "We'll do it when the time feels right."

Incidentally, there's an interesting comparison to be made between the photos news-sites are using to accompany this story.  There's 'Nice Eddie' and 'Scary Eddie'...

Nice Eddie Scary Eddie

I can't help but think that these days he looks like 'Nice Eddie', but the picture editors didn't feel it was "Rock n Roll" enough.

Related articles

Janie Liszewski

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October 04, 2008

University of Wisconsin Band Suspended

The University of Wisconsin has suspended its entire band from performing following hazing allegations

Band director Mike Leckrone suspended all 300 members of the band from performing having heard allegations pertaining to consumption of alcohol and inappropriate sexual behavior.  He didn't specify what sort of sexual behavior was considered appropriate for band-members.

Leckrone said he believed only a small percentage of the band members were involved in the alledged incidents, but said the members had a "shared responsibility" to behave appropriately.  "You don’t have any idea how hard it was," he said. "It was like I can remember my father saying, 'This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.'"

It's a good thing that Mr Leckrone pursued a career in music rather than the law.  On the strength of an unproven allegation about the behavior of a few people he has punished 300!  If the police operated the same way he would be in jail every-time his neighbor was caught DWI.

Having said that, the band do seem to have a colorful history.

In October 2006, the University of Wisconsin put the band on probation following semi-nude dancing and sexualized banter during a road trip to the University of Michigan.

Before that, previous allegations include hazing female band-members by having them suck on a sex toy and forcing female band-members to kiss each other before they were allowed access to the bathroom.

See the Badger Band in action here.

News stories

At Wisconsin, Band Is Silent for Big Game
New York Times, United States - 14 hours ago
The Wisconsin marching band has been suspended indefinitely while allegations of hazing, alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct are investigated. ...

Wisconsin band suspended for Ohio State game
Camp Randall Stadium will be somewhat quieter Saturday night after Wisconsin announced its marching band won't play at the Ohio State game as an ...

Wisconsin Band Director Not A Fan Of Sex Toys
Deadspin, NY 
The University of Wisconsin marching band has been suspended amid rumors of hazing, alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct. That's right. The whole band. ...

CONTINUING COVERAGE: UW Band will miss it's first home game in 40 ..., WI 
27 News has learned the entire UW Marching Band has been suspended. That means, no band for the game against Ohio State. ...

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September 16, 2008

Jack White miffed at Coke

Jack White is miffed that the first airing of the new Bond theme will be as part of an advertising campaign for Coke Zero.

Coke have rebranded the Coke Zero Zero 7 to tie in with the Bond theme. Jack White responded to the idea with the following statement, "Jack White was commissioned by Sony Pictures to write a theme song for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, not for Coca-Cola. Any other use of the song is based on decisions made by others, not by Jack White. We are disappointed that you first heard the song in a co-promotion for Coke Zero, rather than in its entirety."

Coca-Cola then issued the following press release clarifying their position, "The Coca-Cola Company has been granted use of an instrumental version of the song for use in its advertising of the partnership between "Coca-Cola Zero" and "Quantum of Solace", The Coca-Cola Company regrets any confusion regarding the "Quantum of Solace"/ "Coca-Cola Zero" promotion."

Basically Coke have paid Sony Pictures a bucketful of greenbacks to have the theme tune.  Money talks!

White 'disappointed' over Coke ad
BBC News, UK
White Stripes frontman Jack White has reportedly spoken out against the use of his Bond theme duet with Alicia Keys on a Coca Cola television advert. ...

Coca-Cola Zeros in on James Bond
The Coca-Cola Company today announced that it has teamed its Coca-Cola Zero brand with the highly anticipated James ...

Coke Zero targets 007 fans
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA
Not quite, but in Coca-Cola Zero’s first major promotional partnership since the product’s launch in 2005, the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. ...

The Web Watcher: A Quantum of Solace countdown
Times Online, UK
The Quantum of Solace doesn’t have novelty in its corner (the film will be the 22nd official James Bond instalment), it is never going to surprise (fast ...

'Quantum of Solace': The new trailer awaits your judgment!
Entertainment Weekly
I love trailers. Honestly, I do. When they're good, they're perfectly honed mini-masterworks. (My favorite of the last few years was the spot for Little ...

Coke Zero gets shaken, not stirred, NC
The Coca-Cola Co. has signed a promotional deal to link Coca-Cola Zero with the upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace, which hits theaters in November. ...

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August 28, 2008

Solange interview bitch

Solange Knowles bitched at an interviewer during a live interview when she confused an off-air conversation with part of the introduction.

Launching an album must be hard work if you're not used to it and Solange clearly showed the pressure when she snapped at a confused interviewer and criticized her for raising a topic she hadn't mentioned.

The interviewer referenced Ashlee Simpson's rise from her sister's shadow and welcomed Solange and was clearly mystified when Solange fired back,

"I have to say that that was not a very professional introduction before.  Please don't tie me into family and my brother-in-law's establishment."

The interviewer did her best to keep the live interview sweet by apologizing while clearly being at a loss to understand what the confused starlet was talking about.  All was revealed when an off-stage voice reassured Solange, "That wasn't live Solange, that wasn't on TV."

Well, it wasn't - but it is now!

I see her Wikipedia page describes Solange as an actress, singer, songwriter, producer, model and dancer.  It's surprising she is a master of all that, yet still doesn't know when a camera is on.

See below for a bit of Solange as she would prefer to be seen.

Solange Knowles Screws Up
Hollyscoop, CA
No wonder Solange Knowles isn't the famous sister. She sat down to do an interview with Fox New Las Vegas this morning to talk about her new album, ...

Beyonce's Lil' Sis Picks Fight with News Anchor, CA
The other Knowles sister (not Beyonce) went all superbitch on a local Las Vegas anchor today -- showing the world she's not only Beyonce's younger sister, ...

Solange Knowles Promotes New Album
The Gossip Girls
Her new album “SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams” hit stores and online retailers today, and Solange Knowles couldn’t be happier. ...

Solange Knowles' 'SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams' in Stores Today
SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams, the edgy and eclectic sophomore release from Solange Knowles, ...

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July 31, 2008

Black Crowes sue Gretchen Wilson

The Black Crowes have issued a copyright infringement to Gretchen Wilson, her label SonyBMG and publishing company J Money Music regarding her song "Work Hard, Play Harder".

The Black Crowes say that her song has striking similarities to their 1991 hit track "Jealous Again".  Wilson's song is used in the commercial for the show "Saving Grace" starring Holly Hunter.  As the show is aired on Turner Network Television, they have also been named in the paperwork.

Neither Gretchen Wilson or Chris and Rich Robinson, who wrote "Jealous Again", have commented on the action but Black Crowes manager Pete Angelus says, "We find the musical verses of Wilson's song to be such an obvious example of copyright infringement that I expect all parties to reach a relatively quick resolution to avoid litigation."

I will let you decide so, to listen to Gretchen Wilson click here and the Black Crowes click here.

I know what I think.

Black Crowes Caw Out Gretchen Wilson for Alleged Song Stealing ...
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but not when royalties are at stake.

Black Crowes Sue Gretchen Wilson Over “Saving Grace” Commercial ...
Up to the minute breaking news from the world of music, from the editors of Rolling Stone.

Black Crowes Accuse Gretchen Wilson Of Copying Song - Starpulse ...
Rockers The Black Crowes are threatening to sue country star Gretchen Wilson, claiming she ripped off one of their songs

Read the THE BLACK CROWES news story - BLACK CROWES ACCUSE GRETCHEN WILSON OF COPYING SONG - online at - News updated ...

BLABBERMOUTH.NET - BLACK CROWES Accuse GRETCHEN WILSON Of Infringement is the CNN of heavy metal and hard rock news, reviews and music featuring the latest news, reviews, tour dates, ...

Black Crowes Accuse Gretchen Wilson of Copyright Infringement ...
The Black Crowes are up in arms over Gretchen Wilson's new song, 'Work Hard Play Harder,' which is being used in an advertising campaign for ..

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July 24, 2008

Kid Rock

Kid Rock has been fined $1000 and sentenced to one years probation for a rumble inside a Waffle house in Atlanta last fall.

He pleaded no contest to one count of battery.  He was also sentenced to six hours of anger management and eighty hours of community service.

Having just watched the video footage,
what is wrong with Kid Rock.  With an entourage that big surely someone is his beat-up-the-skinny-dude man.  Why do it yourself when you have half a dozen others ready to wade in.

Kid Rock Involved in Fight in Waffle House (Associated Press)
ABC2 News, MD
Kid Rock has been fined one-thousand dollars and sentenced to one year's probation in connection with this brawl. It happened in the wee hours of the ...

Kid Rock Enjoying 'summer' Surge
KBS Radio, Canada - 2 hours ago
Rock was sentenced earlier this week to a year's probation and fined $1000 for his role in a fight that took place last fall at a Waffle House restaurant ...

Celeb-a-razzi: Kid Rock pleads no-contest in Waffle House fight, MI
The case over a 2007 throw-down at a Georgia Waffle House featuring our champ Kid Rock is over. The rapping, singing, rocking entertainer (Robert Ritchie) ...

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