August 26, 2009

Where to get help with algebra

Are you looking around for Algebra 2 help? Perhaps you think you could do with a little free online algebra help? Excelelnt, good, glad we can help then, for all you need to do to find such is to click through any link in this blog post.

Some think that for algebra help you need an algebra tutor: this is true, in one sense, you do need someone to explain things, to go through things with you. Just as with any other field of learning. But you don't in fact need an actual physical being to be with you during your algebra tutoring.

In fact, what you really want is a system where you can go at your speed. Quickly in the parts you understand or have not problems in grasping, more slowly in those areas where you find it tough. Which is exactly what an online algebra tutor helps you in doing. So why not check it out, help is only a click away!

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January 10, 2006

Polly Watch.

This statement may indeed be true but Polly doesn’t prove it:

Look at the facts: 2.7 million claim IB, but the number is falling fast, with 100,000 fewer new claimants in the past year.

That there are fewer new claimants does not mean that the total number is falling. We also need to know how many are coming off the benefit.

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April 22, 2004

Erdos Number for Sale

Tyler Cowen notes that there is the opportunity to earn yourself an Erdos number up for sale at E Bay.For a full description of what this means follow his links.
On asking the Maths correspondent of this blog what he thought, and what his Erdos number was, I received this response:

I knew Paul Erdos. He visited Houston while I was an undergraduate. He kept asking me to score speed for him, I'm glad to say I don't have an Erdos number.

So an Erdos number is not for everyone then.

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