January 13, 2009

Mariah Carey Pregnant Rumors

Mariah Carey pregnancy rumors abound after she canceled all tour engagements for December.

Mariah who did herself no favors when she appeared on the Ellen show last year has now fueled the pregnancy fire.

Word is she has told family that she is expecting this year but wants to keep it under wraps until the first trimester is over.  Well that is standard practice, all woman want to make sure everything is OK before announcing it to the world. 

Mariah has been trying to put the paparazzi off the scent by carrying a glass of red wine and oysters, but no one saw her consume either of them.

So if she is expecting a baby then congratulations and get as much rest as you can as all hell breaks loose when a child arrives!

'Mariah Carey is definitely pregnant'
Times of India, India
Mariah Carey, who had previously cancelled a tour amid reports that she is expecting, “is definitely pregnant,” according to sources. ...

More Mariah Pregnant Rumors?
Extra TV
The New York Post's PageSix reports it's true! Sources in St. Barts tell the paper, "Carey is definitely pregnant." The sources also leaked the news that ...

Mariah Carey Sips Wine, Not Pregnant
Just Jared, NY
Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon enjoy some time off together at Nikki Beach Resort in St. Bart’s on Tuesday (December 30). The 39-year-old singer was ...

Mariah Carey Pregnancy Rumors Heat Up
KBS Radio, Canada
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon head into their first New Year's Eve as a married couple while rumors that the Grammy-winning singer is pregnant persist. ...

Mariah Carey: Sipping Wine in St Barts
The Gossip Girls
Like many of their Hollywood peers, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been living it up in the pleasant climate of the Caribbean. And yesterday the “Touch ...

Mariah Drinks Away the Pregnancy Rumors
Hollyscoop, CA
So much for Mariah Carey being pregnant. The singer was spotted enjoying red wine with her hubby Nick Cannon while vacationing in St. Barts. ...

Preggers Ski Bunny Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Babblebaby, Australia
Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon were hitting the slopes in Aspen over the weekend, looking as glam as you possibly can in ski gear. ..

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November 26, 2008

Mariah Carey Pregnant?

Mariah Carey could well be confirming a pregnancy if watching her on the Ellen show is to be believed. 

When asked by host Ellen DeGeneres if she was pregnant Mariah said, "No, that's OK."  DeGeneres then tried to get Carey to drink champagne but Carey pretended saying, "I can't believe you did this to me, Ellen."

Ellen then suggests they toast to Mariah not being pregnant to which she says, "Oh, my goodness! I can't believe her! Why would we toast to that? How about to the future?"

All in all a bad interview for Mariah.  She certainly acted like she was pregnant by refusing the champagne and giving some very coy answers.  For the sake of keeping it under wraps she would have been better off to have taken a small sip.   

So if you are expecting then congratulations Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

Is Mariah Carey Pregnant? Ellen Seems To Think So!
Lately, there’s been a mess of speculation that Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon are expecting a little bundle of joy. ...

Mariah Carey left red-faced on Ellen DeGeneres show
Oneindia, India
Singer Mariah Carey was left red-faced during her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' US talk show - after the comedienne asked her about ...

Mariah Passes on the Bubbly...Because of Baby?
E! Online
Hey, the Emmy-winning talk show host had to ask about guest Mariah Carey's rumored expectant status. But while she pretended to let the pop diva off the ...

Is Mariah Having a Baby, or Just Afraid of Carrying a Champagne...
Dose.ca, Canada
Considering Mariah Carey's spent the last decade or so rocking spandex microdresses, if the pop star happened to be pregnant -- or even, say, ate three M&Ms ...

Mimi Fails To Convince
PerezHilton.com, CA
Mimi will be on Ellen DeGeneres' show this afternoon, pre-taped yesterday. And, in her often comical way, Ellen tries to get Carey to spill any potential ...

Mariah Carey says she's not pregnant, didn't have sex with Nick ...
Ellen Degeneres tries her best to get Mariah Carey to say she is pregant on the show that airs today (Wednesday), ...

Mariah Carey sparks baby rumours
www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk, UK
Mariah Carey has fuelled rumours that she might be pregnant, by refusing to drink champagne on a chat show. The singer turned down US talk show host Ellen ...

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June 25, 2008

Carey and Cannon - Six Months Tops?

That is how long friends of Mariah Carey give her marriage to Nick Cannon, to be honest some of the comments are pretty nasty, even if they are true.

From digital spy

“Nick does whatever Mariah wants him to - he’s like her puppy. It seems like he spends more time in the stores with Mariah’s credit card than he does with Mariah herself.

“Mariah’s assistants and friends call him ‘Whipped Nick’ behind his back. They have little respect for him because he won’t stand up for himself.”

He's in a hard place and it can't be easy.

Mariah Carey's six-month marriage?
Monsters and Critics.com - USA
One pal close to Mariah revealed 27-year-old Nick has become a source of ridicule for her friends and associates. The source told Life and Style Weekly ...

Newlywed woes for Mariah and Nick
By Ree Hines They’re not quite two months into their marriage, but Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon already face trouble, reports Life & Style. ...

Mariah Carey’s marriage “will last six months”
 By Vicky
A friend of Mariah Carey does not think that the popstar’s marriage to Nick Cannon will last longer than six months. The couple wed in April after a whirlwind romance, but sources close to the pair believe Cannon will not be able to ...

Friends Say Mariah Carey's Marriage Won't Last Over Six Months
Mariah Carey's marriage won't last more than six months, according to friends. The 38-year-old singer, who wed rapper Nick Cannon in April, is so demanding her new husband won't be able to cope with her diva-like behavior.

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June 16, 2008

Mariah Carey - Second Wedding Called Off

Mariah Carey has apparently canned the idea of a second wedding, because none of the celebrity mags will pay for it.

She's been planning a lavish wedding to make up for sneaking off and secretly marrying rapper Nick Cannon, but now that no one else will pay for it the idea has been ditched. It must be terrible to be expected to pay for your own wedding, but are they really that hard up that they can't afford it?

Mariah Carey Cancels Second Wedding
Entertainmentwise - London,UK
Mariah Carey has called off a second wedding to new husband Nick Cannon because she’s failed to get anyone else to pay for it. The curvy diva had planned a ...

Mariah Carey Nixes Plans for Lavish 2nd Wedding Diva reportedly ...
TheImproper.com - New York,NY,USA
By TheImproper.com Pop star Mariah Carey has reportedly called off a lavish second wedding to new husband Nick Cannon because no magazines were interested ...

Mariah Carey cancels second wedding plans
By Mystique
Mariah Carey has unfortunately cancelled her second wedding plans with new hubby Nick Cannon because she couldn’t get any sponsors to fund her wedding. The Touch My Body hitmaker was eager to have an exclusive wedding to renew her ...

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June 11, 2008

Mariah Carey Strips For Music Vid

The pop diva Mariah Carey wore nothing but a bikini and a pair of platform heels on the rocky shores of Oahu, Hawaii. She was shooting the video for her new single “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time”. Apparently it took a couple of glasses of champagne to get her in the mood for strutting her stuff and new husband Nick Cannon was on hand to help her dry off.

Mariah Carey Shoots “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” Music Video
Just Jared - New York,NY,USA
Nick Cannon helps wife Mariah Carey dry off after she shot her “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” music video at the O’ahu Sealife Park in Hawaii on Monday. ...

Hawaii Carey strips off for vid
The Sun - London,UK
MARIAH CAREY has stripped off on the shoot for her new video – with the help of some nerve-calming booze. The pop diva wore nothing but a bikini and a pair ...

No Boo-Boo for Mimi
E! Online - USA
It'll take more than that honking diamond ring to throw off Mariah Carey's balance. Although paparazzi snaps taken yesterday on the Hawaiian set of the ...

Mariah Carey on ‘Lovin’ U’ Set in Hawaii
Rap-Up.com - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Mariah Carey on the set of her music video for “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time,” the third single off E=MC². The video was shot in Hawaii and will feature TI ...

Song: "Side Effects"
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Bust-up: Mariah Carey’s break up song is rumored to be about ex-husband Tony Mottola. What happened?: Mariah Carey married music mogul Tommy Mottola in 1993 ...

Contest: Predict the album sales of Tha Carter III
Prefixmag - Brooklyn,NY,USA
The highest debut this year is Mariah Carey's E=MC2, which sold a massive 463000 albums. Will the early leak of the album by DJ Chuck T last week ...

Mariah Carey Shoots “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” Music Video
By Just Jared
Nick Cannon helps wife Mariah Carey dry off after she shot her “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” music video at the O’ahu Sealife Park in Hawaii on Monday. (Adam Sandler shot his comedy 50 First Dates here.) Rapper TI will be featured in a ...

Mariah Carey - Bye Bye - Music Video & Lyrics
By cd
“Bye Bye” is the second single of Mariah Carey off her eleventh studio album E=MC². MTV stated that although the song appears to be about her deceased father, Carey “extends this song about death to be for anybody ‘who just lost ...

Mariah Carey interview to air on Kiss FM
By Sara
UK’s Kiss FM just announced that Mariah Carey will be in the studio tomorrow for the 6.00am breakfast show! We believe that this might be a pre-recorded one or a live call in from Hawaii! Source: Mariah Connection UK.

No Boo-Boo for Mimi
By Oscar(Oscar)
It’ll take more than that honking diamond ring to throw off Mariah Carey’s balance. Although paparazzi snaps taken yesterday on the Hawaiian set of the newlywed songbird’s new music video, “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time,” seem to suggest ...

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May 30, 2008

Mariah Carey's First Pitch

Yes, the baseball season's starting and Mariah Carey went to Tokyo to throw the first pitch for the season over there.

It wasn't, umm, a rip roaring success, to be honest. In fact, she threw like a girl, one who hadn't had the benefit of even the most rudimentary softball training.

Although, it has to be said, Mariah Carey in hotpants is always soothing upon the eye.

Mariah Carey throws out first pitch at Tokyo Dome (+video)
Gay Socialites - New York,NY,USA
Mariah Carey is so cute! The new Mrs. Cannon threw out the first pitch at the Tokyo Dome for the Yomiuri Giants and the Rakuten Eagles game. ...

Mariah Carey Throws First Pitch in Hot Pants
Bodog Beat - St. John's,Antigua and Barbuda
by Bodog Beat Entertainment Buzz | May 29th, 2008 I'm not sure what's funnier about this video: Mariah Carey's girlie, two-foot throw into the dirt, ...

Mariah Carey throws like ...
The Oregonian - OregonLive.com - Portland,OR,USA
In Mariah Carey's case, I'm not entirely sure what that would be. It's definitely not throwing a baseball. Ever wake up after having slept on your arm for ...

Mariah Carey Slowly Completes Transformation Into Anime Character
Radar Online - New York,NY,USA
More of a catcher: On Japanese TV, Mariah Carey, clad in sky-high, glittery gold heels, proves she's only got one Cannon on her arm. With her on the mound, ...

Mariah Carey arrived at a baseball game in Tokyo wearing hot pants ...
Javno.hr - Zagreb,Croatia
Ever since Mariah Carey got her body into shape, she most often than not wears clothes that are much too tight. So, she turned up at a baseball game in ...

Carey mimics Posh's ball skills
The Sun - London,UK
MARIAH CAREY has followed in VICTORIA BECKHAM’S skyscraper-heeled footsteps by showing off her athletic assets on the baseball field. ...

Sandler gets a hold of a blowdryer
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
The majority of the cast showed up sans Alec Mapa, Chris Rock and the much anticipated Mariah Carey. African-American mainstay event photographer Bill Jones ...

Mariah Carey's First Pitch
 By Matt Armstrong(Ryan Maloney)
No translation needed.... -Matt Armstrong. Ryan Maloney WNYO Sports Director.
WNYO Sports - http://sports.wnyo.org/

Mariah Carey is really really good at throwing
Mariah Carey threw out the opening pitch at the Yomiuri Giants vs Rakuten Eagles match at the Tokyo Dome yesterday, and let's just say it was the most impressive display of baseball I've ever seen in my life. Lord knows why she became a ...
The Superficial - Because You're Ugly - http://thesuperficial.com/

Mariah Carey Throws the First Pitch
 By GiggleSugar
Looks like Mariah put a lot more thought into her short shorts, platforms, and sunglasses ensemble than she did to her pitching. At least she's dispelling the notion that there's such a thing as "throwing like a girl"!
gigglesugar -- Byte-sized comedy. - http://www.gigglesugar.com/

Mariah Carey First Pitch
This may be the best first pitch throw in baseball history.
Digg / Sports / upcoming - http://digg.com/view/sports

Mariah Carey tries to throw a baseball, fails
 By Josh Gillin
Speaking of baseball, Mariah Carey threw out the first pitch at a Yomiuri Giants game in Tokyo before the team took on the Rakuten Golden Eagles. Because if there's one thing that makes sense, it's Mariah Carey at a baseball game. ...
The Juice: Pop smarts and just... - http://blogs.tampabay.com/juice/

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May 07, 2008

Mariah Carey Marries!

Mariah Carey has just married again, to Nick Cannon.

By my reckoning this is the third marriage for Carey, yes?

First was Tommy Mottola, then, umm, I can't remember, now Cannon.

Third time lucky perhaps?

Mariah Carey “over the moon” with happiness
Showbiz Spy - Guildford,England,UK
Mariah Carey is “over the moon” about her recent marriage to Nick Cannon, according to her friend, Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley. ...

Mariah Carey Sends an Email Confirming Her Marriage: “I’m So Happy”
whudat.com - New York,NY,USA
People is reporting that Vogue’s fashion editor, Andre Leon Talley, got an email from Mariah Carey on Monday confirming her marriage to Nick Cannon. ...

Mariah Carey Is Still Doing It... At 38 Years Old.
BallerStatus.com - Simi Valley,CA,USA
So, this is my little salute to the 38-year-old Carey, who's transformed her body this time around, and looks f***in' sexy. I'm impressed. Mariah, if that ...

Mariah Carey is Vibe Magazine Cover Girl: Itsy Bitsy Black Bikini
whudat.com - New York,NY,USA
Mariah Carey is this month’s Vibe magazine cover girl. They’ve got a fantastic summertime look going on. No green screen here, Vibe flew to the Caribbean ...

Mariah Carey did get a pre-nup
Showbiz Spy - Guildford,England,UK
Mariah Carey did marry beau Nick Cannon with a pre-nup in place, despite claims to the contrary. A friend of the ‘Touch My Body’ singer previously said that ...

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon marriage just for publicity?
Bosh - New York,NY,USA
“The lady loves publicity. She’s also got a good sense of humor. If no one gets hurt, why wouldn’t she let the rumors swirl a little while longer and maybe ...

Pop diva Mariah Carey weds in Bahamas: reports
Citizen - Johannesburg,South Africa
Pop diva Mariah Carey, seen here in April 2008, has married rapper-actor Nick Cannon in a secret ceremony after a whirlwind two-month romance, ...

Mariah Carey Debuts 'Bye Bye' Music Video Sizzling video features ...
TheImproper.com - New York,NY,USA
By TheImproper.com Mariah Carey debuts the hot new music video for her single Bye, Bye. Carey, 38, recently married actor Nick Cannon, 27. ...

Don't Worry, Mariah Has a Prenup
By Roger Friedman AP Mariah Carey — yes, she’s married, it’s confirmed, it really happened down there in the Bahamas. She is now Mrs. Nick Cannon. ...

Think Rugby League World Cup. Think Mariah Carey?
LIVENEWS.com.au - Sydney,NSW,Australia
Natalie Bassingthwaite channels Mariah Carey in the new "Heroes Here08" campaign for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup to be played in Australia from October. ...

Mariah Carey New Body New Life New Song
 By kingmaketer(kingmaketer)
Mariah Carey Bikini Picture Here's Mariah Carey sports her new banging body at Vibe's latest issue. Obviously the power of love bring Mariah a brand new life and body too. Mariah Carey is on her Honeymoon with Nick Cannon, they just got ...
POPOnut Mag - http://poponut.com/

Mariah Carey's Wedding Bliss!
We have the latest Mariah wedding details! Still basking in her newlywed glow, MARIAH CAREY is "over the moon" about her recent nuptials to NICK CANNON, People reports. Vogue editor ANDRE LEON TALLEY tells the magazine, "I received an ...
The Insider Online - http://www.theinsideronline.com/index.html

The Possible Romance of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
 By Sincerae(Sincerae)
Like many did when Elvis fans did when he changed his style in the early 70s, I dropped my devotion for Mariah Carey when she changed not so much her style, but whom she was allowing to back up her singing. Where was she getting all of ...
A Very Fine Romance Redux - http://veryfineromance.blogspot.com/

Celebrate Mother's Day with M by Mariah Carey
Make her day with M by Mariah Carey. Adorned with Mariah's signature butterflies, this exquisite set comes with a 3.3 fl oz Eau de Parfum Spray, a 3.3 fl oz Moisturizing Body Lotion and a Deluxe Mini Parfum. A $ 132.00 value. ...
Mariahcarey.com . What's New - http://www.mariahcarey.com/

Mariah Carey: I'm not retarded, there's a prenup
This is not the Mariah Carey of old. She is a smart, smart businesswoman. For example: Post-Tommy Mottola, Carey nabbed $50 million from her short-lived deal with Virgin Records. After "Glitter," they just paid her all that to walk away ...
The Superficial - Because You're Ugly - http://thesuperficial.com/

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February 26, 2008

Mariah Carey: Touch My Body

Mariah Carey's new song and video, Touch my Body: here's the news and links on it:

An early listen to possible future hits
Boston Globe - United States
Mariah Carey "Touch My Body," from "E=MC2" (out April 1). Carey is apparently ready to get it on, as the daffy diva offers up the myriad ways she plans to ...
See all stories on this topic

Does Mariah Carey Have What It Takes?
X17 Online - Beverly Hills,California,USA
As Idolator's chart-watchers point out, Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" actually scored the biggest Hot 100 debut on the most recent Billboard charts, ...
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YouTube Clip Of The Day
Defamer Australia - Australia
But then, as Mariah Carey promised all those years ago, a Hero comes along. If anyone wants to go halves in a baby, we're up for it. ...
See all stories on this topic

Afternoon Fix: Celebrity Birthdays, the 'Other Boleyn Girl' Movie ...
MTV News - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
BRETT RATNER TALKS NEW MARIAH CAREY VIDEO. When Rush Hour director Brett Ratner isn't busy with big-screen projects, he takes a trip to the small screen ...
See all stories on this topic

Mariah Carey Touch My Body (VIDEO)! WATCH Mariah Carey Touch My ...
 By lalate
Mariah Carey Touch My Body Video! Music Video, First 45 Seconds Released. The great thing about the internet is often the reader knows the story faster than us. About an hour ago, LALATE NEWS which is the number one result for Mariah ...
lalate news - America's Fastest... - http://news.lalate.com

Sneak Peek: Mariah Carey - ‘Touch My Body’
 By Rap-Up
Here’sa 45 second preview of Mariah’s new video for “Touch My Body” directed by Brett Ratner and featuring Jack McBrayer of NBC’s “30 Rock.” The full video premieres on Wednesday. Looks funny!
rap-up book available february 29 - http://www.rap-up.com

Sneak Preview: Mariah Carey - ‘Touch My Body’
 By Mike
Here is a 32 second sneak preview of Mariah Carey’s ‘Touch My Body’ music video. Um … yeah … don’t ask me about it as far as the concept becos I don’t know either! Lol.
THINK2WICE.ORG - http://think2wice.org

Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Video Preview)
I haven’t always liked everything Mariah’s put out, but i’m feelin this joint. btw, it was written by the homey The Dream. And Kenneth from 30 Rock is that dude!!
SNICKA.com - http://snicka.com/blog

Exclusive Mariah Carey Video Sneak Peek
 By Lauren Harris
Drumroll please…not only does Mariah Carey have a beautiful voice and an incredible new album coming out (and we should know, we just listened to it), she’s also got a great sense of humor. In this sneak preview of Mimi’s video for her ...
Vh1 Blog - http://blog.vh1.com

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