March 19, 2005

Reasons not to Fire a Waiter.

No, I can’t claim any personal knowledge of this story, only what I have been sent via email. But if you are a restauranteur, you might want to think about firing your server who also blogs.

Google for " gastrointestinal dysentery ".

Not good advertising.

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March 08, 2005

Google Bombs

Given our recent success at google bombing how about a page, regularly updated, of all of the best ones? So, if you know of a decent google bomb please email me or post it in the comments. Here are the few that I know of at present:

Our own:

"fuckwit" (John Prescott)

Then there’s put "smug c*nt" into google images. (Tony Blair)

The old "weapons of mass destruction" seems not to work any more.

"French Military Victories" still works just fine. (Surely you mean French Military Defeats?)

"Opportunist" provides some political balance. (Michael Howard)

"miserable failure" (Variously GW Bush, Hillary Clinton etc. Varies over time)

"Waffles"(John Kerry)

"talentless hack" now points to the page that ran the campaign, not the target.

"santorum" was started, I think, by a Village Voice writer (actually Dan Savage, whose column appears there).....and they’ve done it the hard way round. Not a little used and derogatory phrase pointing to a well known name, but a well known  name pointing to a derogatory site. That’s very difficult.

"ignorant asshole"  (Cal Thomas)

"Swivel eyed loons" (UKIP)

"Proud of Britain" (Spoof of the Labour Party site called that)

Please send in any and all that you know about!....this is a non partisan request. Not worried about the politics or targets, just want to know which ones are out there.
(There’s one pointing to the Christian Voice page isn’t there? something bigots? Anyone know?)

Wikipedia is also good on this. But not as up to date as us, of course.

Update. From the comments, "gastrointestinal dysentery" provides a restaurant that  fired the server for blogging. Quite wonderful, and keep the information coming in.

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