November 19, 2009

New Moon, the Twilight movie, has record ticket sales

New Moon, the second movie in the Twilight franchise seems to be clocking up record advanced ticket sales.

Don't forget, we're only at Thursday morning here (so this data comes from Wednesday) and New Moon doesn't even open until Friday night. So these numbers of advance ticket sales are sure to rise from here.

Also note that these numbers for New Moon ticket sales are solely to do with the UK, a much smaller market.

TWILIGHT sequel New Moon has taken £1million before even being released - as the fastest advance-selling film of the year.

Odeon and UCI cinemas reported that it had already sold 143,000 tickets.

The movie, starring ROBERT PATTINSON as vampire Edward Cullen and KRISTEN STEWART as lovelorn student Bella Swan, goes on national release on Friday.

That's pretty good showing for a movie about a vegetarian vampire who twinkles, isn't it?

Ho hum, I guess that means we're condemned to at least a decade of this franchise as the writer pumps out more books and they make movies of each and every one.

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January 16, 2009

Watchmen dispute settled

Finally the dispute between Warner Bros. and Fox has been settled and Watchmen will open at movies theaters on March 6.

The details are that Warner Bros. will get to distribute the film while Fox will get an upfront fee that should cover legal and development fees.  Fox will also receive a cut of the box office gross for not having their logo on the film.

A joint statement issued by the studios said, "Warner Bros. acknowledges that Fox acted in good faith in bringing its claims, which were asserted prior to the start of principal photography. Fox acknowledges that Warner Bros. acted in good faith in defending against those claims. Warner Bros. and Fox, like all Watchmen fans, look forward with great anticipation to this film's March 6 release in theaters."

So roll on March 6 then we can all see how the story fairs on the big screen.

‘Watchmen’ Legal Battle Concludes, Fox & Warner Bros Reach Settlement
It’s over at last! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros and Fox have settled their legal dispute over who owns “Watchmen. ...

The ‘Watchmen’ Legal Tussle Is Called Off
New York Times, United States
The legal sniping between 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers over the upcoming “Watchmen” has come to an end, allowing Warner Brothers ...

Least surprising news of the week: "Watchmen' feud appears to have ..., MI
The tug-of-war between Warner Bros. and Fox over which studio had the rights to WATCHMEN appears to have finally been settled. According to The Hollywood ...

Fox and Warner Bros. Settle “Watchmen” Spat
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY
Last month, on Christmas Eve, US District Judge Gary A. Feess handed 20th Century Fox a nice gift, preliminarily granting the studio’s claim of copyright ...

'Watchmen' settlement
Los Angeles Times, CA
The doomsday clock just stopped ticking....Michael Fleming over at Variety has the story on the settlement regarding Zack Snyder's adaptation of "Watchmen," ...

'Watchmen': It's settled
Entertainment Weekly
The war over Watchmen between Fox and Warner Bros. is over. The settlement, finalized late Thursday, has Warner Bros. forking over a chunk of change ...

Watchmen Film Approved
Superhero movie Watchmen will be released this March after two rival studios settled their dispute over it. The film adaptation of the famous graphic novel ...

Watchmen movie gets the go-ahead
BBC News, UK
Superhero movie Watchmen will be released as planned on 6 March after two Hollywood studios resolved a legal dispute over copyright. ...

Studios reach Watchmen deal
Toronto Star,  Canada
Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox settled their nearly yearlong dispute over superhero film Watchmen yesterday, the studios announced in a joint statement. ...

Fox, Warner Bros. Settle Watchmen Dispute
Wired News
Our long, national graphic novel nightmare is over -- movie fans will get to watch Watchmen. Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox have settled the rights ...

Rival studios reach deal on 'Watchmen' release
The Associated Press
The superhero film "Watchmen" will be watched by audiences after all — and on time. Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox settled their ...

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October 31, 2008

Hardcore High School Musical 3

Parents in South Jordan, Utah got a shock when they took their children to a screening of High School Musical 3.  Instead of seeing Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, everyone got an eyeful of full frontal nudity.

Whoever was in the projection room 'forgot' to change the reel when High School Musical 3 was moved to a larger movie theater at the last moment.     

So imagine the scene, you are waiting patiently for High School Musical 3 and you get Sex Drive.  Well the parents did not react well to the change of movie and created a stampede to leave and alert the staff of the error.  The movies was pulled (no pun intended) immediately.

The moral of the story is, watch the screen at the beginning of a movie as the rating is shown.  Someone should have noticed that the upcoming movie was an 'R' not the expected 'G'. 

High School Musical Gets Sex'd Up!, Ireland
... got their granny-panties in a twist when at the last minute, a movie theater in Utah decided to swap screens for High School Musical 3 and Sex Drive. ...

'Sex' movie mistakenly screened in front of Utah 'High School ...
ABC 4, Salt Lake City
Some ticket-holders expecting to see ‘high School Musical 3: Senior Year’ got an unexpected view of an R-rated movie ...

High School Musical & Nudity go together like PB&J
North by Northwestern, IL
Disney’s High School Musical franchise is no stranger to scandal, what with the nude photos of star Vanessa Hudgens that came out last year. ...

High School Musical's Sex Drive in Overdrive!
What do High School Musical 3 and Sex Drive have in common? They are both in theaters now! Why is that a problem? Well it isn't, usually, unless you work at ...

High School Nude-ical -- Hardcore Screw-Up, CA
A bunch of parents brought their kids to see Zac Efron in his G-rated High School songfest -- they got full frontal nudity instead. ...

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October 11, 2008

Firefly Porn

Firefly star Nathan Fillion in porn film

I'm shocked.  I know that since the tv series Firefly and the spin-off film Serenity, Nathan Fillion's career has been a little on the slide.  A few episodes in some chick serial, a voice part in a video game, a show cancelled after one season, a show cancelled after seven episodes - is Nathan Fillion a Jonah?  But anyway, has it really come to this?  Captain Mal Reynolds in a porn film!  What would Inara have said?


Nailing Your Wife

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PG Porn Says "No" to Nudity and "Yes" to Violence Against Women
Huffington Post, NY
James, Sean and Brian Gunn think they've done something sexually daring - but not too sexual and not too daring - by creating what they call "PG Porn. ...

Porn website launched – without the sex
Metro, UK
A porn star who was once a Penthouse Pet and an actor who appeared in the very non-macho Gilmore Girls have combined to produce a new form of online ... orders 'PG Porn'
Hollywood Reporter, United States has ordered shortform series "James Gunn's PG Porn," which brings together primetime TV stars and leading porn actresses for ...

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October 08, 2008

Gemma Arterton - Polydactyly

Gemma Arterton was Polydactyly!

Gemma Arterton is Daniel Craig's squeeze du jour in the upcoming Bond flick, The Quantum of Solace.  She plays Agent Fields, an MI6 agent who is expected to rein in Bond.

However, Gemma is not the woman she once was.  When she was born she had twelve fingers, a genetic anomaly called polydactyly:

'My Dad had them, and my Grandad. I feel like we're one step ahead - a sign of things to come,' she told Esquire.

'We could do more stuff if we had extra fingers - faster texting, faster emailing, better guitar-playing.'

Speaking about the movie, Gemma Arterton wanted her character to be a little different from the normal Bond girl:

"There is a formula to Bond women. They're his women. You just have to make them your own in any way you can.

"To the normal guy, they're unobtainable but I didn't want that. I wanted my character to be a girl from down the road who does this job - we don't know exactly what she does but she goes to work every day - and comes back and she goes down the pub at the weekend and has a drink."

Working with Daniel Craig was a bit of a thrill for the inexperienced actress:

"Kissing Daniel was great - I can’t pretend it wasn’t. It was my first day on set and I’d only met him once before - and then suddenly we were expected to kiss. But I just couldn’t get that image of him walking out of the sea in Casino Royale out of my head. He was very cool and I was a giggling mess. I mumbled something like, 'I just kissed you!' and he just coolly said, 'Yes, you did. And now we have to do it again.' Fortunately, he’s an incredible kisser."

It looks like Gemma managed to get over her crush.  While working on the upcoming Prince of Persia, she's found someone else to kiss:

The star has this month moved her new Spanish boyfriend Eduardo Munoz into her two-bedroom flat in Crouch End, north London.

The actress met the 19-year-old 6ft 2in action man on the Moroccan set of the £50million blockbuster Prince Of Persia in August, where he was employed to teach her how to ride horses.

They hit it off immediately, despite the language barrier. But she has now had to hire a translator to help them understand each other better.

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September 08, 2008

Tommy Lee Jones to sue

Tommy Lee Jones is suing the producers of No Country for Old Men.

Lee Jones is asking for more $10 million in paperwork filed with a court in California.  Lee Jones claims he accepted a lower fee on the understanding Paramount Pictures would pay "significant bonuses" if the movie was successful.

The lawsuit also says that errors in Lee Jones's contract for the Coen brother's film were not corrected when requested.

The film company has made no comment on the allegations.

I would have thought that Tommy Lee Jones was an experienced Hollywood player who would not agree to anything unless the words "gross profits" appeared in the contract.   

Why Tommy Lee Jones was right to sue over his salary, UK
Jones in No Country for Old Men Another day, another Hollywood lawsuit. Tommy Lee Jones is suing Paramount Pictures for $10m, claiming the bonus they ...

Tommy Lee Jones sues 'No Country for Old Men' makers for $10 million
Dallas Morning News, TX
Tommy Lee Jones is suing the makers of No Country for Old Men for more than $10 million that the Oscar-winning actor claims he is owed for starring in the ...

Tommy Lee Jones seeks $10M in 'No Country' lawsuit
The Associated Press
Tommy Lee Jones is suing the makers of "No Country for Old Men" for more than $10 million that the Oscar-winning actor claims he is owed ...

AP PhotoTommy Lee Jones
The Express Times -, PA
Tommy Lee Jones is suing the makers of "No Country for Old Men" for more than $10 million that the Oscar-winning actor claims he is owed for starring in the ...

Jones sues No Country producers
BBC News, UK
Actor Tommy Lee Jones is to sue the makers of Oscar-winning film No Country for Old Men, claiming they owe him more than $10m (£5.6m) in promised bonuses. ...

Paycheck Problems
New York Times, United States
Tommy Lee Jones, who played Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the 2007 Oscar-winning film “No Country for Old Men,” has filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures and ...

Hollywood actor Tommy Lee Jones sues over film's profits, United Kingdom
Oscar-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones is suing for a bigger share of the profits made by academy award winning film, No Country for Old Men, in which he had a ...

No Money for Old Men: Tommy Lee Jones sues studio for $10m
Independent, UK
As sheriff Ed Tom Bell, he risked death in the fight for justice, pursuing Javier Bardem's psychotic murderer across the desolate and lawless ...

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August 25, 2008

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is on the cards.  Jodi Benson who is the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid has confirmed she will be voicing Barbie again in the third movie.  So if Barbie is getting a bigger part then it is time to meet Ken. Ken will be voiced by Michael Keaton.  Keaton has worked with Pixar before as he was the voice of Chick Hicks in Cars. 

All the old voices return for part three in which Buzz Lightyear gets recalled and the gang must go to Tawian and rescue him.  Keep June 18 2010 free.

Pixar Recruits Batman For Toy Story 3
Stay tuned for more “Toy  Story 3” news, but in the meantime just for kicks, watch our interview with Keaton talking about a Beetlejuice sequel that took ...

Jodi Benson & Michael Keaton to Play  Barbie & Ken in 'Toy Story 3'?
Cinematical, CA
Now here's a fun little scoop from Turns out that not only will Jodi "Ariel" Benson be returning to the ...

Michael Keaton to Play  Ken Doll in Toy Story 3
We all know what is underneath Barbie's boyfriend, Ken's pants, and the honor of playing the eunuch in Toy Story ...

Benson, Keaton Voicing Toy Story 3
While promoting The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (on DVD August 26), Jodi Benson, who has voiced Ariel since 1989's hit feature, revealed that she is ...

Michael Keaton Joining 'Toy Story 3' Voice Cast
The actor famed for his role as the bat-themed superhero depicter is said to be going to lend voice to Ken in 'Toy Story 3'. The former Batman depicter ...

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August 11, 2008

Dark Knight reigns supreme

The Dark Knight has topped box office receipts for the 4th week running. The film grossed $26 million against Pineapple Express which grossed $22.4 million even though it was the opening weekend.

To date film has grossed $442 million against an estimated budget of $185 million.

Nice return if you can get it!

Batman installment is now third-highest-grossing film of all time.
When the Joker's on the loose, your city needs saving, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, there's only one superhero you need ...

The Dark Knight Tops At Box Office Yet Again
Bodog Beat - St. John's,Antigua and Barbuda
Christian Bale, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger combined for a brilliant performance that continues to dominate any of its competition. ...

Dark Knight' tops weekend once again
Hollywood Reporter - United States
The Christian Bale starrer's four-peat atop domestic rankings is the first such feat in five years, EDI noted. New Line's 2003 action fantasy "The Lord of ...

‘Dark Knight’ Tops Box-Office For 4th Consecutive Week
Actress Archives - New York,NY,USA
The super-hero sequel, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, is expected to surpass the $461 million taken in by “Star Wars” sometime in the next week. ...

Pineapple Express fails to derail Dark Knight, UK
Seth Rogen and James Franco in Pineapple Express, which mounted a strong challenge but failed to beat The Dark Knight for the US box office ...

There's no stopping The Dark Knight
Rediff, India
Christian Bale and Heath Ledger's The Dark Knight [Images] has become the third-biggest box office movie of all time as it extended its reign over the box ...

AM A&E: The Dark Knight smokes Pineapple Express, Bernie Mac and ...
National Post, Canada
The Dark Knight rolled right over the Pineapple Express at the weekend box office. Batman took home another $26 million, bringing its total to over $441 ...

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July 29, 2008

Harry Potter trailer

Different quality videos can be found here.

The trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has arrived!  Almost.

This will be our first look at the young Voldemort.  To keep up the family resemblance, young Voldemort is played by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin the 10 year old nephew of Ralph Fiennes who as you know plays Lord Voldemort.

The trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be on-line today, sometime, somewhere.  Don't be deceived by the fan generated ones currently getting the views on YouTube, they are not the trailers you are looking for.

When it's out, I'll update you here on Tabloid Edition.

If you want to see the trailer in all its cinematic glory you will need to go and watch The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

The movie itself is in theaters on November 21 2008.


'Potter' trailer unveils a young Voldemort
USA Today
The trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrives today online and makes its debut in theaters Friday before The ...

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer: not long now
In Entertainment, UK
For those of you who wish to see this new Harry Potter trailer in the cinemas, you will get to see it when you go and see “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon ...

Potter freaks, fans gaga for 'Half-Blood Prince' trailer release
amNewYork, New York
The trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the sixth book/movie in J.K. Rowling's boy wizard series drops online today and will debut on the ...

First Look: Two Photos from New Harry Potter 6 Trailer!
First Showing, CO
Check out the new photos below and tune in for the trailer soon! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is again directed by David Yates, of Harry Potter ...

First Look : Harry Potter 6, Ireland
The trailer is expected to debut online later today; check back later for further details on the latest Harry Potter trailer!

Young Voldemort Appears In Half-Blood Prince Trailer
Harry Potter's Page, FL
USA Today reports a confirmation that the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be seen online today which we previously reported. ...
Additional new pictures from 'Half-Blood Prince'
Two additional photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price have been added to the USAToday site, as well as quotes from Director David Yates. ...

Harry Potter 6's Young Tom  Riddle Revealed
In anticipation of the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince debuting on Tuesday, USA Today has given a sneak peek at the young Tom ...

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Wolverine trailer

So it is here, the Wolverine trailer.  Highly anticipated will it live up to the hype.

Well I searched and searched and searched but I could not find.  Anyone who said they had it now does not it, has disappeared off the face of the Internet.

We will just have to wait until it comes out in the summer.

The answer may be Wolverine. The trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has hit the net, and it looks to do Canada's finest superhero justice. .. 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine- the Bootleg Trailer
Pop Culture Zoo, OR
The X-Men Origins- Wolverine trailer which premiered at SDCC has been made it to the web. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking  sites ...

Awesome Explosions, Weird Cameos, In Wolverine Trailer
io9, CA
Earlier this morning, we posted the trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The trailer premiered at Comic-Con on Friday, giving fans the weekend to parse ...

Watch The Wolverine Trailer, Plus A Sneak Peek At Bruckheimer's ...
io9, CA
Like a cameraphone copy  of the Wolverine trailer, and three new videos of Jerry Bruckheimer's mad-science show Eleventh Hour. There's also a huge Chuck ...

Leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer taken offline
In Entertainment, UK
X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer then cuts to Logan outside. He then drops a match in gasoline and then calmly walks away as a huge explosion erupts behind ...

Leaked Wolverine Origin Trailer Makes the Rounds
Uriah noted that the Comic Con wolverine origins trailer has been circulating in high quality camcorder form, very conveniently broken into a first and ...

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