August 10, 2010

This is pretty cool, Blog Copy

We all love to know who is reading our stuff and we can do that by checking our logs and so on. We can also sort of see who is linking to our stuff...again, by checking the logs. However, what if there were an easier way of seeing who it was/is that is referencing our blog, copying from it, adding to the conversation?

Well, in fact there is, something called Blog Copy.

It's trivially easy to use (hey, even I managed to do it) and it's a great way of managing the conversations.

It's also worth using another way too: you can see who is scraping your content and using it without adding to the conversation. You've got to know people are doing this before you can stop them!

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April 03, 2009

Putin´s dog

Or, the dog ate my tea.....a bit different from the usual the dog ate my homework.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's pet dog gobbled up a special tea prepared for bosses of Russia's ruling party Wednesday.

While Putin discussed ways to help the local food industry, his favorite black Labrador Koni slinked into a room at his residence and tucked into delicacies prepared for leaders of his United Russia party.

"Koni ate everything," said one of Putin's astounded bodyguards.

Putin's spokesman said Koni, who has the run of Putin's Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, had eaten some pastries, biscuits and jellied desserts.

Happens to even the most powerful men, obviously.

But then labradors do have a reputation or doing things like that. There was one I knew which got at the Christmas presents underneath the tree. She ate all the soaps that were being handed around to various female members of the household.

She was fairly ill it has to be said, but not as ill as we all thought she was when she started frothing at the mouth....

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May 31, 2007

Bloggery Bit

Wandering through a blog or two I was a little surprised to see this:

Some, however, react poorly to my choice of leisure pursuit, and, shrieking “Baby-murderers! Anyone who still votes Labour is responsible for the murder of Iraqi babies!”, stampede out of the door.

It was only when I re-read it that I saw the word "Iraqi" and it made sense, for I'm reasonably certain that Antonia isn't showing SPUC members around her flat as potential room mates.

But much more interesting was the link to this guy:

This blog promotes anti-capitalism, green politics, direct action, practical lifestyle change, Venezuela/Cuba and a touch of Zen. Ecosocialism or muerte!

That's part of the header for the Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Venezuela and Cuba? Being Green means supporting a petro-state and a communist dictatorship?

Does anyone mind if I stick with free market environmentalism?

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March 13, 2007

Bloggery Bits

Can we trust the BBC reporting on matters environmental? Well, not if they can't note the occasional simple fact perhaps.

How do you stop people from going postal? Don't let them know the time of course!

Dizzy catches up with the flaws in this ban the incandescent light bulb idea. Mercury.

Yes, life really was nasty, brutish and short.

The Scots Tory Party isn't pleasing this man at all. And he's a Tory.

Finally, an essential question. Yummy Mummy or MILF?

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March 12, 2007

Bloggery Bits

Larry would hope that journalists do more research. Perhaps, you know, by going out into the field and trying out what they write about?

Greg Mankiw ponders whether the failure of a government run health system shows that we should have more government run health systems.

Glen Whitman with a serious set of questions about gorbal worming.

Brad Delong on why us Brits in fact welcome it.

The Devil wonders why Iain Dale is actually in the Tory Party at all.

Be afraid, be very afraid, the Naked Quiggin is nearly upon us.

...dead men don't vote Plaid.

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March 10, 2007

Bloggery Bits

The Pooter of Geek with a fine tale of how the modern criminal is caught. We've moved from Al Capone.

Francis on why solar power has certain problems.

HedgeFundGuy on the need for editors.

The Englishman gets excited. I have to say I doubt it.

Wat Tyler tells us of some interesting new blogs.

Danger, Government at Work.

Crooked Timber on the dangers of Google Images.

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March 09, 2007

Bloggery Bits

As one of the things I get paid to do is read lots of blogs I thought, why not put up a little posting of those I thought interesting but I couldn't use elsewhere? This might be an occasional thing.

Stephen Tall on closets and racism. Peter Briffa has a rather different view of the Patrick Mercer affair.

Tim Blair explains what a Ben Zonar is.

The Magistrate recalls the Tory Party of his youth.

Lucy Pepper wants to get you involved in raising money for Comic Relief. Fortunately it only involves offering a part of your blog for publication rather than watching hours of tedious drivel on the gogglebox.

Bishop Hill with an experiment that might not get repeated: math blogging.

The Prime Minister tells Anoneumouse to bugger off.

(One (bad) joke removed because it has been misunderstood.)

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