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August 23, 2011

Where to get reasonably priced tickets

Or, where to get very reasonably priced tickets.

This is one of the things the internet has been great for: oldsters like me can remember the days you had to travel out to the venue the day that the tickets went on sale and maybe you got some and maybe you didn't. Nowadays, you can check the availability of Seigfried tickets, Rascal Flatts tickets, from the comfort of your own computer.

If those aren't quite to your taste, how about Celine Dion tickets? Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets or Peter Pan tickets.

You young people just don't realise how lucky you are, the way that the world's been made easier for you by the hard work of your elders.

Or, if you'd like to put it another way, the deals we have to offer you, the ease with which we have to cater to your desires, as we attempt to offer you the pleasures of the entertainment world.


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August 03, 2011

Dealfun: a new idea

Dealfun looks like an interesting new way to buy things on the 'net.

Here's a few people looking at it: on Yahoo, MSNBC. This isn't an entirely new idea. There have been sites that work this way before.

The thing about dealfun is that you purchase the right to bid. Tickets, coupons, bid points, call them what you like. You can then bid on the items, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, LCD TVs and so on, using the bidding points that you've purchased to do so.

As I say, this isn't an entirely new idea, there were several sites that worked the same way. However, the other sites, when you bid, at what looked like great prices, you had just used up the bid points that you had purchased.

What makes dealfun different is that this isn't what happens. Even if you don't win the bid your bidding points can still be used against the purchase price of the product at the regular site pricing.

Which is really rather interesting, both as a business model and for people using the site. It might be that you get one of the great deals, the bargains at incredibly low prices: but if not, everything is not lost. It's still possible to buy what you want with the money you're spending.

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