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September 26, 2010

Where to find UK broadband

Or rather, not where to find UK broadband but where to find a supplier of UK broadband? For of course broadband itself is available all over the country: the tricky bit is getting connected to it.

What we would of course like is to have one of those comparison or shopping sites: maybe even a site which explained all of the differences between the different offers? Fortunately, we do indeed have one of these sorts of sites that does this broadband comparison. You can find it by simply clicking through that link there.

The site takes you through the offers from the different broadband providers. What exactly is it that is on offer? You know, the claimed speed of downloads, how much traffic you're allowed, do you have to hire a phone line from someone? There are also, of course, all of the various free phone call offers to consider: this isn't a simple thing to do really.

The more phone calls you make then the more you need to consider what they're offering free. You also need to look at all of the contractual gubbins around the offers. How long do you have to stay with the provider, all that sort of stuff.

And finally you can compare mobile broadband. If you're only a light user this can actually work out cheaper. Download speeds are normally slower, traffics limits lower, but you obviously don't need to purchase the phone line rental as well: so, in fact, it can be cheaper if you're not a heavy user of the net. And, of course, you can also take your laptop off to hte park and keep working, something you can't do if you purchase the line broadband.

So, if you're looking for what will give you a deal on broadband, fortunately, someone's set up a site to tell you all about it.

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