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August 10, 2010

Fantasia Barrino sextape

Quite why people keep making these sextapes I'm not quite sure. The latest celebrity to get caught out by her penchant for filming the two backed beast is Fantasia Barrino. She was a winner of American Idol way back when.

She's supposedly been seeing a married man and now his wife is suing for divorice. But the problem with the Fantasia Barrino sex tape is that if it does exist and it doers turn up in evidence in the case then:

The fun part about all of this is that if the Fantasia sextape actually exists, and can be shown in court, then it will the evidence needed to show that she is a "homewrecker". And in North Catolina that's just what is needed for the soon to be ex-wife to get not only alimony but some of Fantasia's assets too.

It just doesn't seem worth these sorts of complications, having a sex tape lying around, but people seem to keep making them. There's no news as yet as to whether she was wearing crotchless panties or not but no doubt as and when the tape does surface we'll find out.

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