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July 22, 2010

Finding that Middle East job

We all know that the jobs market has crashed here at home, don't we? You can send out 100 CVs and end up with nothing but yet another interview at a call sales centre. No one seems to be hiring, certainly not for a job which whill pay more than the barest minimum. But this isn't true of the rest of the world. While we may be stuck in a recession which might last for years the whole global economy is still chugging along quite nicely: growth is expected to be well over 4% this year for the whole planet.

What this means is that there are parts of the world that are crying out for experts: and prepared to pay very well indeed to get them.This is what makes the middle east jobs market so exciting. Yes, of course it's partly driven by the world's hunger for the region's oil and gas....and that global growth rate means they're only getting hungrier. But the money earned is being used to build a modern economy: this means there are jobs in many more sectors than just oil and gas.

For example, there's a thriving financial and banking sector: the pwers that be have correctly assumed that nothing can be built that will last without efficient finance. And of course, constructing any form of modern economy requires expading the IT sector as well as telecoms. The thing is that the local population simply doesn't have the necessary skills to do these jobs so the economy there depends on hiring people from outside to do them. And yes, they pay very well for such expertise, with very generous perks packages as well.

So if you're stuck, at a dead end, just cannot find that desired job, why not check out what's available in the mid east by clicking through that link?

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