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June 23, 2010

US beats Algeria....only just!

Well, wasn't that a boring game of soccer? But the USA just managed to beat Algeria in the end.

They were nil nil, right up to the end of the game....it was only just as injury time was starting that the US managed to score the only goal of the game. No time left for algeria to do anything else....although one of them did manage to get his second yellow card of the match in he couple of minutes remaining and thus get sent off.

What this does mean though, this 1-0 victory, is that the US now progress at the head of the group: meaning they're liklier to have an easier ride in hte next game than England, who are second in hte group.

However, it does rather have to be said: on the evidence of the three games so far neither of these teams is likely to go much further.

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