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June 04, 2010

No win no fee accident claims

Now here is something very much worthwhile for those of us in the UK. Finally, someone is using the no win no fee system properly to deal with Compensation claims.

There was a spate of companies, a couple of years back, which if you had an accident or compensation claim, would insist that while, of course, they weren't charging you, oh no, you had to spend £900 or so on an insurance policy to cover the costs. And that isn't the way the system is supposed to work at all.

No, what should happen, and the company under that link above is doing it right, is that first you call them to discuss the claim. Then they decide whether to take it on or not. And if they do, and they win compensation, then you get 100% of the compensation paid. It's the insurance company that has to pay your lawyers.

A much better system and if you've got an accident claim to make one well worth looking into.

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