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June 23, 2010

More on webhosting

I've mentioned before here that the issue of website hosting is really rather important to us all. "Us all" meaning anyone trying to run a business in this uncertain modern world that is. It's just not possible to be working without a website for some kind or another: even just a simple site telling people where you and what you do will help. It's a little like having an entry in the telephone book was in earlier decades: a simple necessity.

But what you're actually going to do on your website is something you have to decide before you start to go build it. Are you just going to have that guide to who and where you are? Then the site can indeed be very simple indeed. Or are you going to be trying to actually sell from the site? In which case you're going to need to contract with a host that will offer all of the necessary ecommerce tools.

Or perhaps the business itself will be online? A series of forums for example? In which case it is uptime that is most important: nothing will get people fleeing faster than unreliable service. Maybe it's photography, or video? That means that bandwidth is your key need and you should be measuring your potential hosts by how much of that they offer.

So before you start building the site, decide what it is the site is to do and then choose who would be the best host to support you in those efforts.

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