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June 23, 2010

Finding the best webhost

We have all, at least I hope we have all, realised by now that to get anywhere in this modern economy we need to have a website, somewhere that people can at the very least find out what it is that we do?

If you're in business, doing absolutely anything at all in business, this is the minimum now required. You don't have to sell a digital product, you don't have to be doing ecommerce, but at the very minimum you do need for people to be able to find you. a little like having an entry in the telephone book in earlier decades.

OK, but then we need to ask the question of where we get our site hosted for us. Fortunately, there's a good guide to webhosting, just click through for it. You can sort through all the various options by what it is that you actually want.

Is price most important to you? Bandwidth? Reliability? Linux hosting, Windows hosting? Whatever it is that is most important to you should be the driver of who you use as your host. And those guys can help you through that decision path.

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