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May 22, 2010

Air India crash in Mangalore

Another horrendous air crash following the one in Libya last week. This time it's an Air India crash, not a Libyan one.

A Boeing 737, operated by Air India, crashed after trying to land at Mangalore airpost in SE India. It was on a flight from Dubai.

Initial reports are that there were some 170 people on board but acurate numbers are not yet known. There were also reports that some 6 or 7 survivors had been pulled from the wreckage.

The Air India crash itself seems to have come from the fact that Mangalore is a "table top" runway. If you miss of overshoot the runway then there is a cliff at the end of it and the plane fell over this, bursting into flames as it did so.

The Air India plane crashed and burst into flames as it was landing in the city of Mangalore.

The plane, which took off from Dubai at 0100 local time, was reported to have 156 passengers and six crew on board but earlier reports said the plane was carrying 169.

Locals were first to the wreckage and were believed to have rescued six survivors, while other reports said seven people were alive.

Flying is still safer than driving, although there are days and weeks when it sure doesn't feel like it.

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