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April 09, 2010

What happens after a DUI arrest?

Well, according to a friend this did happen to the first thing after a DUI arrest is that you get taken off to have a proper alcohol level test done. This might be with a breath measuring machine, a blood test or even a ruine test. Depends upon the place really.

Then there will be being held in a cell until you've sobered up. That friend was thinking about all the movies he's seen of holding tanks in jails. He really wasn't looking forward to it. However, he was so drunk he fell asleep and when he woke he looked around to see if there was some great big menace in the cell. And looking around he saw that everyone was looking at him: he was that great big menace.

When you've sobered up you'll be released and then comes the court case. At this point you really will need someone like this: Los Angeles DUI Attorney | Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

. There's always the possibility of your defending the case yourself or even pleading guilty but there are, even for such a simple charge, ins and outs to the system which make this risky. Will you be able to retain your licence to get to work and back? How high will the fine be? Will you have to do jail time, go to alcohol awareness training?

Finally the court day will come and then you'll find out quite how much you're going to have to pay for your stupidity in driving under the influence.

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