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April 10, 2010

Those Jesse James Sex Tapes

There's a wonderful set of rumours going around about Jesse James (Sandra Bullock's husband, at least for the present) and the possible existence of a series of sex tapes. At one count there are as many as 12 of these tapes made with various girlfriends and mistresses.

What really amused me about these stopries about Jesse James Sex Tapes is that as a sideline I somtimes feed stories to one of the tabloid newspapers in the UK. So when I spotted the first blog posts with hte Jesse James sex tape romours I contacted them and asked if they were interested in my doing some more research.

Their answer was interesting: they'd heard the rumours but weren't going to touch them at all. Despite the way in which it's typical tabloid fodder. For one of the rumours is that one of those tapes is in fact a Sandra Bullock sex tape. Now whether this is in fact true is entirely unknown...I emphasise that it's a rumour, nothing else.....but it has Jesse James and Sanda Bullock in a position that might be described as, well, a tad unconventional and also features a shotgun.

What concerned the tabloid was that it might have been the shotgun in that unconventional position, not just Mr. James.

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