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April 18, 2010

Getting in trouble in LA

When I was younger I was always worried about Los Angeles. I'[d heard all the stories about gangs, riots, huge murder rates and all the rest. then I actually went and lived in California and found out that the real danger was rather different.

Yes, it most certainly had been true that there were parts of the City where you really didn't want to go at all. But what then happened in the 80s and 90s was the police reaction to all of that. And as the recently departed police chief, Gates, was very gung ho in trying to deal with the crime problems crime did indeed go down.

However, what also went up as a result of he police being very gung ho about it all was that the rights of the innocent who were suspected were, how shall we put this, not entirely respected? SWAT teams used to bring in simple possession of drugs cases. A definite feeling that because of the size of the crime problem that anything the police did to reduce it was just A OK. Which is what led to the thing you really needed in the area was no protection from the criminals, but protection from the police: a Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles.

Which is a rather sad commentary on those who are paid to serve and protect but it is the way it all works now.

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