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March 17, 2010

Michelle Bombshell McGee

Michelle Bombshell McGee is a bit of a turn up for the books.

She is what is known as a tattoo model. A model with many tattoos that is, not one who models for tattoos.

OK, there are enough of those who fill the tattoo magazines each week....no, the thing that is bringing Michelle Bombshell McGee her fame currently is that she seems to have been having an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband.

Currently there's only really her word for it in the piece linked but Bullock herself has decided not to go to England for the premiere of The Hurt Locker there as a result of the story. So perhaps there is some truth?

Certainly Michelle says she knows Jesse James well enough to tell us all that he doesn't wear condoms or underpants and that he's "well endowed".

Pics of McGee are also to be found through the link at the top.

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