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March 29, 2010

Getting that needed science help

OK, so we all know that the internet is going to change our lives....the thing is though that no one's really quite worked out all of the specific ways in which the internet will change our lives. One where it's all just really beginning is in education. Think about what that usually involves: everyone travels to a central point where someone stands up and talks.

With the internet, why do the travelling to a central point? Why not just webcast it all?

Well, yes, OK there are going to be problems. For example, what about those who need to ask questions, who need ehlp? Perhaps even private tutoring? Well, that can be done online too. In fact, there's a great little company offering just that: Chemistry help and even, much more useful really, chemistry answers.

Yes, of course, they do other sciences as well: physics help and physics answers. They've also got a huge set of maths offerings which you can access through their sidebar.

I really do think that this is going to be the future of education: once everyone's on the net then why does everyone need to go to that central school every day? Why not learn at your own pace with the help of people online?

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