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February 23, 2010

Winter breaks time!

Yes, it's just been half term so now of course it's time for us adults to get away and be off to see something different. Get away from the kinds, kick back and relax a little. Which brings us to hte question of where should you go for a little winter break?

Well, of course, we could go skiing but that's way too energetic. And in the middle of winter there's not much point in going anywhere else outside. Which leads us to thinking about the great cities as places to go. And thus Edinburgh.

First things first though, before thinking about what to do while there, what about Edinburgh accommodation? What should we be looking for as a place to stay? Well, as a first pass, probably not a hotel: they are, in the UK, famously expensive for not all that good a service. B&B's, weel having been in a Scottish one of those I wouldn't recomment it. Which leaves us with what is in fact the best option, renting one of the Edinburgh apartments that are available on short term lets.

Excellent, well, we've got the city and the place to lay our weary heads: what should we actually do or see in the city while there? This is where Edinburgh adds so much value. But the time you're in the city you are able to walk pretty much everywhere you might want to go. No public transport issues, no hassles with cars. And as to what to do, well, the place is stuffed with galleries and museums and, of course, very decent pubs. Which is what I would recommend you do: culture and booze. Just the way to recover from the children's half term.

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