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February 08, 2010

Brooke Hundley

Now this is most unkind to Brooke Hundley. She is/was the ESPN production assistant that Steve Phillips had an affair with back in the summer.

You may recall that Hundley though that Steve was going to leave his wife for her....yeah, right. She turned up at the marital home and was sending texts to the wife and getting all bunny boiler.

Well, OK, so far, but it's this next part that Steve Phillips is doing wihch definitely marks him down as no gentleman. Both he and Hundley lost their jobs over the affair. He then declared that he had "sex addiction" and took himself off to the same place Tiger has just come out of.

You see, this way he's not just an ageing and famous man who can get his end away with a young woman. This way he's ill, d'ye see? And people are not responsible for their illnesses.

Why is this unkind to Brooke Hundley? Well, look at it this way. You're a young woman, you've been sweet talked into bed by an older man, possibly led on a little.

And when he's caught he says that he was only attracted to you because he was ill.

Woo yeah, way to build confidence in people, eh?

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