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January 13, 2010

Wintering in Alba

It might not have been the most sensible thing I've ever done but it was certainly one of the more enjoyable. Traipsing off to Scotland (Alba of old) in the middle of winter to roam around Inverness and the whisky trail. That of course was way back when when I was a student: now I'd be a little more discerning about where I laid my head at night. Scottish B&B's, at least back then, didn't have a reputation as the most warm and welcoming of places.<br /><br />These days I don't think I'd go that far north. In fact, the place I'd really like to go to as a Scottish winter holiday is Edinburgh. Yes, even in the current weather, in fact especially in the current weather, I think it would be a fabulous place to go. For I've found out that you can rent <a href="http://www.the-edinburgh-apartment.com">Edinburgh apartments</a> for short term stays. That sounds hugely better than either the B&B or even the hotels. Somewhere with a kitchen for example pleases me a great deal better than a place without one. You've simply got so many more choices about what to eat and when.<br /><br />And if I could get <a href="http://www.the-edinburgh-apartment.com">Edinburgh accommodation</a> right down in the New Town (or at least close by) then I'd be even happier. For that's really what I would do if I went up there, roam around the Georgian part of town. Partly because I'm from Bath and would like to see how they differ but more because that's what a winter holiday to me means: being right in the heart of a city and only venturing out for the brief moments it takes to traverse from book shop to pub, or cafe to restaurant.<br /><br />Hmm, excuse me while I go look at making travel arrangements would you?

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