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January 05, 2010

Shopping on the internet

OK, so I guess we've all internalised the idea that we're going to get a much better deal by shopping on the internet, yes? A site which doesn't have to pay for a series of bricks and mortar outlets across the country (and the stock to fill them) is going to be able to offer us a better deal.

Yes, OK, but how do we actually find the stores which will give us a good deal? That's a little more complex. Say we wanted to buy some comforters. Or maybe a therapeutic pillow is more what we're looking for, or a simple bed pillow. Well, we could try the standard search engine but that's going to throw up every crank that has ever mentioned any of those things.

Or we could try a comparison shopping engine: but that'll pretty much limit us to those suppliers who have paid to be included in such an engine. So what we really want is something with the best of both worlds and the worst of neither: which brings us to ShopWiki.

It's a search engine, yes, but only of those who are actually selling things. It's a comparison engine, yes, but of all those who are selling things, not just those who have paid for entry. So the selection of home furnishings, bed linens, lampsdesk lamps and home accessories is going to be both larger and more focussed than either of the other two methods.

Oh, and by including everyone of course we're going to get even better deals. Click through a link to try it out.

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