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December 15, 2009

Theresa Rogers: the 11th or 14th for Tiger?

It's getting very hard to really keep track of how many women Tiger Woods has been bedding really, isn't it? Do we count those who have come out and admitted it? Like Holly Sampson? Or should we include those we're pretty sure did but who haven't actually said they did like Rachel Uchitel?

Or those like Theresa Rogers who haven't actually told anyone yet but seem to be grearing up to do so?

A BLONDE in her 40s today claimed to be the latest woman linked to disgraced golfer Tiger Woods. Busty Theresa Rogers is said to have travelled with the golf pro during a steamy FIVE year affair. It was claimed Rogers began a relationship with Woods before he wed wife Elin Nordergren, 29, but the affair continued after their marriage.

She's hired Gloria Allread which seems to be a sign of something these days.....

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