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December 03, 2009

Getting that outdoor kitchen together

IOutdoorkitchen I think I may have mentioned it before around here, that we're in the process of getting this pair of houses together down here in the warmth where we are. And I think I might also have mentioned that we've pretty much got the houses together and are now working on things like furnishings and the garden. Which leads me on to the subject of outdoor kitchens. For where we are we are indeed very much in the warmth and thus have the luxury of being able to cook and eat outside for the majority of the year.

But if we're to furnish an outdoor kitchen we do have to decide just what it is that we're going to use to furnish it. And before we even decide that we need to think about what level of technology we want to use. Now, given where we are, in this warmth, we don't in fact have central heating. For the couple of months of the year that we do want to have some form of heating we've got log burners. Very nice and efficient cast iron ones, thank you. But what that means is that we've also of course got a supply of wood to burn in them: so perhaps we should be equiping our outside catering facilities with compatible technology?

Or perhaps we shouldn't be? Perhaps we should in fact be going in the opposite direction and using high tech gear for our kitchen? Something like one or other of these stainless steel grills perhaps? Certainly, it's easier to cook on gas than it is over wood: but then again you don't get quite the same smokey flavor that way. Or should I be thinking that if we've already got two wood stoves (one of which is indeed a top loader and thus possible to grill on) then the last thing we need is another one? And that this argues in favor of the gas technology?

Hmm, not the easiest of questions to answer really. Perhaps I should just let my wife make the decision: it's not as if I'm going to be doing any of the cooking anyway now, is it?

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