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December 15, 2009

Crazy Ambien Sex

One of the things that Racel Uchitel said, about having "crazy Ambien sex" with Tiger Woods seems to have got a few people puzzled.

How can something that puts you to sleep make for good sex? Surely it will just lead to good snoring?

Well, yes and no, for people are forgetting what is the limiting factor to good sex:

So, given all of this, what is going to be the limiting factor (assuming everything else is constant, like the two people actually desire to have sex with each other and so on) as to how much fun there's going to be in one incidence of sex? Correct, it's going to be how long the man can keep going before he orgasms and needs that recuperation break.

At which point we can see that a drug which reduces arousal in a male can indeed lead to much better sex. As long as basic arousal (ie, an erection) is achieved, for maximum fun and pleasure we want less, not more sensitivity, less not more arousal.

Of course, it was an economist who came up with this answer, not a sex expert and most certainly not a drug expert.

For of course, economists know all!

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I don't know how crazy Ambien sex is but Ambien does work by dropping your inhibitions. I've jumped my husband after taking half an Ambien and the sex was weird, dream-like, euphoric. My husband was not so into it because by the time we were finishing, I was pretty well showing the on label effects of the Ambien. Didn't stop him from trying to jump me after taking an Ambien and insisting he wouldn't fall asleep (with slurred speech).

Posted by: Bordell | Jan 3, 2010 11:14:10 PM