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December 21, 2009

Are there any more Tiger Woods stories?

Is it possible that we have already used up all of the possible.stories about Tiger Woods, his mistresses, girlfriends, hookers and gambling?

Have we in fact reached Peak Tiger?

Sadly it looks as if we might have done. We've written about each and every one of the girlfriends, whether Elin will stay of go, whether or if whichever one has been paid off and by how much. Good grief, we've even done stories about how Tiger's Mum is a little upset about it all.

Something of a pity then really, we've used up all the stories that Tiger spent 5 years of marriage creating in only three weeks. It's as if we thought it was oil or something, that it would last forever and we'd never run out:

When asked what could be done about it Worstall replied" Clearly, if we're to maintain our precious environment of celebrity journalism, upon which our very existence as a species depends, we're going to have to see some serious actions by governments here. Either rationing of stories or perhaps a general tax on everything to subsidise production of Tiger Woods related features would be better. We should ship all 192 of them off to Copenhagen until they can come up with a solution."

When asked if it wouldn't be simpler just not to have stories about Tiger Woods at all Worstall seemed perplexed. "But if there's no Tiger Woods scandal to write about, what would I do?" When it was delicately suggested that he could get a job he looked puzzled and asked "Job? What's one of those?

Something Must Be Done.

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