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November 03, 2009

One for those fall evenings


This is a little technology that I'd not come across before: the fire pit. Now that I have come across it it seems to blindingly obvious: but then that's they way with all good ideas, they are obvious once someone has pointed them out to you.

What we've actually got here in this outdoor fire pit is something of a cross between the technology of the wood buring fireplace, the BBQ and the plain old simple camp fire. In another way you can think of it as a technological advance on that simple camp fire set upon the ground and as the precursor to both the indoor fireplace and that BBQ.

For the point about an outdoor fire pit is that we are indeed looking for radiant heat from it (which is one reason it's made from cast iron, throws that heat around beautifully): so the design is rather different from the BBQ where we are looking for cooking (ie, contained) heat. But the fire pit is for outdoor use, so we're not about to build it into the fabric of a building like a fireplace. Umm, this is all getting a little complex, isn't it? What we're really got here is a fire, that you can use outside, which you can move around, but which isn't going to scorch a hole in the deck or the patio. Pretty cool, hunh?

Where we are this is indeed pretty cool: at this time of the year (yes, thankfully, we are well south of the snow belt, by design) the nights draw in pretty early but they're not freezing cold, There's still the desire to relax outside with a beverage or two to wind down after the busy day: but it's just that fraction too cold to be really comfortable.

So here is our answer: load up the fire pit, get the flames going and enjoy that evening chill out period without actually having to physically chill. As the evening wears along of course we can move inside and use the same fuel for the real fireplace: but we've had our bit of fresh air into the bargain.

In fact, so cool that you'll have to excuse me while I do off and order one: sitting on the deck watching the winter sun go down never seemed like quite so much fun.

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