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November 14, 2009

Is there water on the Moon?

Is there water on the Moon? And is there honey still for tea?

That latter really depends on whether you've been to the supermarket or not but the answer to the former is that yes, there is indeed water on the Moon. Nasa has been able to find it:

Nasa has found 'a significant amount' of water inside a crater on the Moon in a discovery that could pave the way for the first manned lunar base.

The agency announced that last month's audacious attempt to smash two spacecraft into the Moon's rocky surface to find ice was a major success.

Which is of course exceedingly good news. It makes the construction of a Moon base, permanently manned (or womaned) that much easier. And that of course is good news for all of us who want to see humanity getting off this dangerous ball of rock and getting on with getting out there to other, safer, places to live.

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