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November 19, 2009

Chola girl

Chiola girl is a new one on me: apparently Chola is the spanish diminutive (or, perhaps slang word) for a girl associated with the gang culture.

As with hip hop and other associated sub cultures, the chola girl has a reasonably specific look as well as this description.

The precise definition of chola girl is:

Spanish reference for a girl involved in gang activity

It's not just a sub culture referrence though: it's been around long enough to have made it into academic studies:

Portions of this article from Harris, M. (1983).Cholas, Latino Girls and Gangs. New York: AMS Press. Reprinted by courtesy of AMS Press, New York.

The look of the chola girl changes over time of course: there are fashions in everything. But the basic description is:

A chola is a firme hyna (latina) who puts on a lot of makeup: thick eyeliner, liquid eyeliner on top going out of your eye dark brown or red lipstick and eyebrows drawn on or really thin.

Not hugely important of course, but there we have our sub culture ethnography of the day.

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Hey dude, who said that's what chola means? unless there are a few different meaning for it but chola is a indigenous person from the andes, Peruvians call their natives female woman chola and male cholo.

So that's the original meaning as far as I know.....

Posted by: pedro | Nov 27, 2009 10:08:23 PM