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October 30, 2009

So, which webhost should you use?

I think we're all pretty much up with the idea that we need to have a presence on the web these days, yes? There's no real way that a business can survive without offering at least information to potential customers...we do all understand that I think?

The next question though is what is it that we're going to do on hte web? Simply point out that we exist and work in a particular location? Or are we going to offer a service to current customers? Enable them to search for manuals, book in for support? Or are we going to go further and offer to sell products over the web?

Once we've decided how the web fits into our business model (or perhaps how we fit our business model to the web) then we can make the next set of decisions about who to use for web hosting. And this is important and it's worth visiting the WebHostingGeeks site at that link to see what they can do to help. For the different business models will mean that we're looking for different things in a web host.

We might want cheap and cheerful, or perhaps lots of free tools, or perhaps reliability is most important, or security, perhaps even bandwidth. If we're going to sell directly then we would want to see the best ecommerce hosting packages for example, not the best email servers. If we're to use the web more for marketing, then the position would be reversed.

It's a very useful website and recommended if you're looking to place your business on the web.

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