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October 24, 2009

Elizabeth Prophet Obituary

Those folks over at The Telegraph are sly dogs, aren't they? They've done the obituary of Elizabeth Prophet, a self styled, umm, prophet, of one of the more Doomsday oriented American churches. You know the sort of thing, stockpiling weapons in a cave in Montana, hearing the voices of Jesus, Bhudda and so on. And what's the final line of that obituary?

For some years she had been suffering from dementia.

Indeed she had been in a clinical sense: but how many years in total?

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How many years of dementia,in total? Do you want to include Mondale or just start with Carter?

I would set the baseline for onset moonbattery dementia as clinically established when 60 Minutes or a similar purveyor gossip-as-tripe-noos acknowledged the organization.

Ms. Prophet may have been eccentric but she was a lot less harmful than moveon.orgy or code.stinkn.pink.

Posted by: Bob | Oct 24, 2009 1:37:59 PM