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September 30, 2009

The best online backup

As one who has been with the PC revolution from the beginning I find it hard to overestimate the value of backing up your data. You only need to lose it once to realise quite how valuable it all is.

However, these days, no one is going to use a floppy disc to back things up (remember them? How quaint it all feels now) and even a CD or DVD drive isn't going to be able to take all the data, simply, from a modern sized hard drive. So the obvious solution is to use Online Backup. We've all got internet connections, after all, so why not use that to make the whole process simple?


Well, the best I've found is at that link above from iDrive. There's a free option if you just want to be able to back up 2GB of data. There are other paid options that allow you to back up the whole family's computers, for business use and so on.

But perhaps there are two really important things about the service. The first is how simple it is to use: once you're set up it takes just two clicks to perform a back up: and we all know that the simpler it is the more often we'll do it. Which is, of course the point about having back up in the first place. If you don't back up data regularly there's not all that much point in having that back up.

The other is that iDrive is the only company that now works across all the major home platforms: your PC, a Mac, iPhone and Blackberry.

We all think of it being our computers and gadgets which are the expensive things: for that's what we see leaving our wallets when we pay for them, the money. But in reality, the expensive thing is the data that we have on them: that's what we spend the time doing and time is indeed money. So back up is essential and with the quantities of data we all have now online is pretty much the only sensible way to do it.

Hey, cheap, convenient and comprehensive: works for me!

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