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September 30, 2009

Pink toed tarantula

There's a lot of searching going on for information about the pink toed tarantula.

Simply put it's a species of tarantula which, when adult, has pink feet: there, bet you couldn't guess that from the name!

Actually, if looks very cute (if you're into spiders that is) and the babies are even more so: the colouration reverses as they mature. So the baby ones are pink all over but with dark little toes.

The reason they're so popular as pets is that they're very calm and rarely attack. They cannot, unlike many other species of tarantula, shoot their hairs into things, although  the hairs on their abdomen can cause irritation and an allergic reaction if you happen to be allergic to them.

Much of the searching going on is for "pink toed tarantula bite" and one would assume that someone's woried about having been bitten. In humans this isn't a problem: about equivalent to a wasp sting.

Although do note, there are humans who are sufficiently allergic to wasp stings (so called anaphylactic shock) that one can kill them. So while the pink toed tarantula is not dangerous, just irritating, to most of us, this isn't true for everyone.

If you'd like to see why people keep pink toed tarantulas as pets, watch this video of one dining.

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