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July 14, 2009

Which satellite TV package?

We know that we want to have something more than simply free to air TV in the house: we all know that. It's also true that cable systems aren't all that good: anyone with a monopoly, even if only a local one, rarely is. Which means that we should at least look at Direct TV as an option. DirectTV is a satellite system, one that frees you from those regional monopolies of the cable systems.

And boy oh boy does it free you: there are many different sets of options that you can choose. Decide, essentially, what package you would like with the Direct TV System. Do you want more channels or fewer? Would you trade a higher channel package to get an HD receiver? Hey, just click through, see the options and make your choice.

One other thing about the Direct TV Service. because it's satellite certain packages also allow you to get satellite radio. That's a saving in itself, meaning that you don't have to buy a separate, expensive, box or subscription.

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