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July 01, 2009

Kidd Kraddick Divorce

Not sure why there's all this fuss about Kidd Kraddick's divorce. Kraddick divorced back in April 2008 and the actual announcement was in August 2009. The idea was to keep it all under wraps until their child had gone off to college I think.

Anyway, there is one amusement to be had from the story of Kidd Kraddick's divorce: it's shown up the news gathering skills of a site called "A Pakistan News". They've got, as here, adverts plastered all over the place. But they make nt even the slightest pretence at trying to write something relevant.

They've spotted that Kidd Kraddick is in the Google Trends list, then simply copied the entire Wikipedia entry to their site.

Way to go lads!

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