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July 02, 2009

Kevin Jonas engaged

Kevin Jonas has just got engaged to his girlfriend, Danielle Deleasa.

OK, fine, pop star hooks up with hottie is hardly an unusual story. However, there's some consternation about why Kevin Jonas might get engaged at the age of only 21. Sure, he's rich, famous and all the rest, but he's still only 21.

See here for the sort of confusion that Kevn Jonas is causing. Why so yound indeed?

Erm, because Kevin Jonas has taken that silver ring thing pledge, he wears a purity ring. You know, the be virgin until marriage idea? That might be a good idea, might be a bad one but it does indeed help to explain why Kevin Jonas has got engaged so young and might indeed get married young.

Rich, famous, decent looking: but he's 21 and and male for goodness sake. He wants to get his end away. Thus marriage.

Not that tough a thought.

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