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July 27, 2009

Insuring a van

We all know pretty much how to insure a car: you just pick up the phone and call the people with the nodding dog or the red phone (whichever way around those two go). Or log into a price comparison site and see where that takes you.

However, those mass market companies are pretty good when it comes to the mass market: but not when you come to anything more specialist. They'll almost certainly not have on offer what you actually want, at whatever price. So for things like van insurance you need to go to a specialist, like Autonet van insurance for example.

What's so special about van insurance you ask? Well, you see, you don't just want to insure the van. Yes, third party, fire, theft, comprehensive, all those sorts of things. But you'll also want goods in transit insurance (and, umm, no, that transit refers to movement, not a Transit Van) or at least you will if you're ever carrying goods for hire. Similarly, if it's your own work van you will want tool insurance: it's entirely possible (heck, with some trades, almost certain) that your tools will be worth more than the van.

If you've got a specialist vehicle, or one used for specialist purposes, then you're going to need a specialist insurer. Click through that link to find out more.

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