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July 02, 2009

In the rooms

In the rooms is a phrase from the drug, alcohol and other addictions treatment world. Instead of stating, when meeting someone that you met in such a program or meeting "Hey, I met you at AA" or the like you are supposed to say that you met them "in the rooms". Just one of those little linguistic stylings which help to make the world go around really. However, InTheRooms is also the name of a website dealing with the same issues. And they've come up with a very cunning plan to use this new internet technology.

If you're moving about, or even if you're in a big city, it can be very difficult to find out when the various meetings actually are. The support groups, the AA meetings, the AlAnon, NarcAnon and so on. So what they've decided to do is to set up a wiki site so that we the public can add meetings that we know about. The more do this the better the resource becomes for those who either want or need to fnd a group in a specific place and time. If this is all part of your world why not add what you know to InTheRooms Meetings: you may well help someone in need and it could also be that you'll be aided at some point by the resource. Itr_bigger Post?slot_id=41031&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

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