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July 29, 2009

Darlene Haynes

Darlene Haynes appears to have been murdered by someone who wanted to take her baby. That's bad enough of course but what makes it worse is that Darlene Haynes had not in fact had her baby yet.

The body of Darlene Haynes was found dumped in a closet: the worst part of the story being that her abdomen had been opened and her unborn child removed. It is thought that the baby could have survived but would need medical attention.

Police are of course looking for who killed Darlene Haynes and the assumption is that whoever did either has the baby or has passed it on to another.

Yup, someone decided that they wanted her baby so badly that thy killed her for it and opened her up to take it. What might be evn worse is that that article has other examples of the same sort of thing happening.

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