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June 12, 2009

Trying to make the world a better place

One of the things that free marketeers like myself are often accused of is that we're not worried about, or not worried enough about, the environment that we're going to leave behind for those who come after us. It's a rather strange accusation really, of course I want my descendants to have a better, cleaner life, a continuing Earth to draw sustenance from. I just also want them to be richer while they do so. And thus I advocate policies that will allow both, both a cleaner planet and a wealthier one.

For example, I readily acknowledge that current fisheries policy is maniacally awful and suggest it's replacement with something that actually addresses the basic problem, the tragedy of the commons.

So, having said all of that it's interesting to look at the The Tree of Tomorrow Site which you can see by clicking through the link. I'm not sure that anyone would agree with all of the ideas put forward but that doesn't mean that there aren't some very good ones there.

Take a look under "natural living" and then go to "appropriate technologies". I regard this is such a simple and obvious idea and I sometimes get frustrated when people mock it. Of course you should be using the right tools for the job, whatever that job is. You put in screws with a screwdriver and nails with a hammer, don't you? So why wouldn't you use the correct technology for anything else that you're doing?

Solar cells if you're off the grid?  Efficient pumps to get your water supply? Solar water heating if you're in the right sort of area?

I do recommend having a look at this site and the very interesting listings of such technologies that they have.

As I've said, not everything there will appeal to all, but I'm pretty sure that all will find something useful and something which will interest them.

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