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June 12, 2009

Racism and the BNP

It's an interesting question to ask, is the BNP racist?

Umm, actually, scratch that, it's not a very interesting question to ask really, is the BNP racist, for it's absolutely obvious that they're raving maniacs yammering on about race, blood, "indigenous peoples" and all the rest of that idiotic clap trap.

For example, until the law is changed upon them (which it's about to be) they won't let anyone who is of the "wrong" melanin content join the party. Their constitution is full of wibble like "The Anglo-Saxon-Norse Folk Community" which is so stupid it's amusing.

Very simply, the answer to the question "is the BNP racist"? is, yes, of course they are. That's their motivating factor, their very foundation.

Click through the links to see the whole thing fully explained.

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