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June 25, 2009

Maria Belen Shapur

Maria Belen Shapur has been identified as Governor Mark Stanford's mistress. That is, The Governor's tale of walking the Appalacian Trail, or driving along the coast, or whatever the excuse is this minute, was in fact driven by his desire to go to Buenos Aires to see this Maria Belen Shapur. As no one (as I write that is) has yet found a photograph of Mark Sanford's mistress we don't know whether it was worth it.

Or perhaps that's a little harsh, as it seems to have been a real love affair, he fell head over heels for Maria Belen Shapur, rathing.han it being just shagging an intern or something.

Woman behind romantic love affair with South Carolina Governor named, Maria Belen Chapur is a 43-year-old, highly educated, mother of two. Mark Sanford began romancing Maria Belen Chapur in the past year. The lovers dated online.Maria Belen Shapur-Mark Sanford.exchanged romantic email letters.

Hmm, perhaps we could try something else written in something vaguely resembling the English language? There's this on Maria Belen Shapur of course. Or this:

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is making headlines this morning after admitting to an affair with Buenos Aires beauty Maria Belen Shapur.

While not much has been released of Mark Sanford’s mistress, Argentine media has confirmed she is a 43-year-old mother of two teenage boys who is highly educated and professional. Her business credentials may be high but after news that she’s romancing a married man (the governor of South Carolina to be exact) her integrity and dignity have officially hit rock bottom.

Or as LALate put it:

Maria Belen Shapur is Mark Sanford’s alleged MARIA mistress. Maria Belen Shapur’s emails as Sanford’s alleged mistress of Buenos Aries, Argentina to Mark Sanford, SC’s Governor, were revealed by LALATE to you on Wednesday. Now moments ago Maria Belen Shapur has has been finally identified as the complete name of the mistress “Maria”. Her apartment building’s picture is depicted above.

But of course what everyone wants at the moment is a photo of Maria Belen Shapur....and what everyone hasn't got at the moment is a photo of her.

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