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May 01, 2009

Springtime for Hitler

Mel Brooks got into so much trouble with his movie, The Producers. I won't bore you with hte entire plot but it revolves around a musical so bad that it surely must fail. And,. of course, it seccueeds. A musical called, or at least it contains the song, "Springtime for Hitler".

And as this buzzed the antennae of the Germans, where such jollity is banned, no one thought it would ever be seen in Germany. But the musical, from which the movie comes, has just opened there:

Adolf Hitler is coming back to Berlin.

More than six decades after the Nazi dictator killed himself in his Berlin bunker, a character parodying Hitler will feature in the first production in Germany of the award-winning Broadway musical comedy by Mel Brooks, "The Producers."

Berlin's Admiralspalast theater -- just blocks to the north of the dictator's infamous bunker -- will stage "The Producers - Fruehling fuer Hitler" (Springtime for Hitler) from May 17.

It is the eagerly awaited German rendition of Brooks's record-setting musical about two men trying to create a Broadway flop that ran for six years with more than 2,500 performances. It grossed $300 million in New York and $1 billion worldwide.

It has to be said that the musical, and even more the movie, is screamingly funny, even if it does tread on some touchy subjects.

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I've seen The Producers, and while it was very funny, I thought The Book of Mormon was funnier. I was able to get the Book of Mormon tickets over the summer and laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.
I saw some other Broadway shows while I was there. I recommend "Avenue Q" if comedies are your thing.

Posted by: Tobin Vance | Nov 8, 2011 11:39:46 PM