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April 29, 2009

Those pesky mosquitos

Yes, now that summer is truly on the way I'm planning the garden activities from me and the family. I've got as far as selecting the recipes to try for the barbeque (as always, about three times as many as we can possibly use and all insanely more complicated than we will ever actually attempt. It will be back to basics, good meat lightly cooked.).

But the thing that always interrupts such epicurean delights is our old enemy the mosquito. Where we are we don't really have to worry about malaria but we do about the West Nile virus. But even more than that my wife is both deliciously attractive to mosquitos (as it has to be said she is to me) and also allergic to them (as, it has to be said, she usually isn't to me). So we've been looking for years for a decent way to make sure that we can both avoid the darn critters and yet still enjoy the outdoors.

And I think we might have found the very thing, one of these mosquito traps looks just the ticket. The general concept is that they attract eh mozzies and then kill them once they've been attracted. You know, a little like the Roach Motel concept, they check in but they can't check out.

As they really do work it sounds like the no brainer purchase of the summer.

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