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April 06, 2009

Sorting out the house

Regular readers will know that the wife and I are working on sorting out a new to us house. This of course means looking around for this and that with which to furnish said new house.

And, yes, we're over the idea of walking around the furnishings shops. Online is the way to go. Prices are better, delivery easier, stocks larger, just a better shopping experience.

OK, but it's still necessary to find out where those onliine merchants are. That's why we're interested in ShopWiki. Yes, a search engine, but unlike the other recommendation engines it isn't based purely upon those who pay to play. Rather, it's a proper search engiine,. looking across the web, but only at those sites which are selling what you want to buy.

For example, in our case, indoor light fixtures, or home furnishings, lamps or even lamps and desk lamps.

Well worth checking out.

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