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April 01, 2009

Salt Lake City Contracting

As regular readers will know we're sorting out our house down here. And as those regular readers will also know we've had our excitements in dealing with building  contractors. Some of them are good, some of them are, well, let's ber honest about this, some of them are not.

What of course we would have liked is a system, a website perhaps, which enabled us to find who are those good contractors and those who are not. For example, if we were in Salt Lake, there is one that allows us to find out who are the good Salt Lake City general contractors and who are not.

For of course who is bad at this sort of job is just as important as who is good. And the delight of that site, go on, click though, is that we can see who is indeed good. Someone wth 16 years experience....well, no one stays in business if they're not good over that many years, do they? And of course, someone who is willing to work on the job until it is finished, who will not rest until the job is done, is just what we and every other person would like from a contractor.

Umm, the thing is though, can I get that sort of committment from my local guy?

I can dream I guess.

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